28. Mercedes SL

This German luxury convertible is one of the classics of the midlife crisis car genre. It’s been a favorite of drivers looking for tan automotive fountain of youth. Even before the 911 became a transport of grey-haired drivers, the SL had an older clientele. And most are more concerned with appearance than performance and dynamics.

Mercedes realized this, so they made cars offering the looks of a sports convertible with the comfort and equipment of a luxury sedan. The combination seemed to work like a charm because people loved the premium feel. This Mercedes convertible came with soft seats and a comfortable cabin. The SL looked like an open-top sports car and even its numbers suggested that it was.

These older Mercedes models still retain a high level of prestige and performance. Over the course of 12 production seasons, Mercedes produced over 200,000 examples with several engines. However, the most sought-after cars come with 5.0-liter V8 or 6.0-liter V12 units. Go for V8 models since they are more affordable yet offer almost the same level of refinement as their V12 cousins.

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