29. Cadillac Escalade

Although the Escalade is not a sports car or a flashy convertible, it’s still a good midlife crisis car. It’s big, expensive and opulent. And it is a Cadillac, which still represents something great in the motoring world. Cadillac jumped into the luxury SUV bandwagon relatively late in 1999 with the first-generation Escalade.

Even though it was nothing more than a rebadged Suburban, the Caddy was one of the most dominant models on the market. The reason was the opulence of classic Cadillacs easily translates to the 21st century as well as the luxury SUV segment. Cadillac understood the opportunity, so they presented three generations of the biggest, most opulent luxury SUV models available.

The market went crazy for these apartment complexes on wheels. The Escalade is still a rebadged Suburban, but Cadillac hides that with an enormous amount of luxury goods and specific details. The Escalade is perfect for people who want to show off their success.

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