Armored Copperhead via bing
Armored Copperhead via bing

23. Armored Copperhead

The Hummer was the ultimate off-road vehicle, and when it’s equipped with armor, it is even more intimidating. The Copperhead is another variation of the H1 that was designed for law enforcement applications. You might have seen the Armored Copperhead driving around an urban setting near you. These vehicles are often used for gang enforcement and other high crime areas where you need a vehicle that can handle gunfire and threats. The Copperhead is a beefed-up machine on a mission that can go anywhere.

The exterior looks thicker than the standard H1. This is to incorporate the armor protection that has been built into all of the door panels. The glass is capable of taking a .50 caliber bullet without shattering, protecting all of the occupants inside. The protection carries onto the door panels of the vehicle as well as the windshield. Engine damage is another threat so the engine compartment has been protected with armor as well. The entire Armored Copperhead has a thick level of armor that protects the vehicle while still offering a street-legal vehicle that you can drive around.

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