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25 Facts About the Legendary Ford Mustang

Vukasin Herbez January 3, 2019

  1. Outselling Porsche and Audi in Germany

In 2016, the Mustang achieved a milestone, unlike any other American car. It outsold BMW, Mercedes and Audi on their home turf in the sports car class. In the summer of 2016, Ford sold 780 Mustangs in Germany, which was more than any Porsche 911s or Audi TTs they sold in that month on the domestic market. From a financial standpoint, it is not major news, but for Mustang fans, it was an extraordinary moment. Best of all, it just shows how well fans all around the glove receive the Mustang.

This list includes all you need to know about the legendary Ford Mustang. Hopefully, you learned something new that you can share around the office water cooler or at your next party. And better still, the Mustang continues to inspire and delight fans from every walk of life.

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