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25 Facts About the Legendary Ford Mustang

Vukasin Herbez January 3, 2019

  1. The Special Vehicle Team Returns

During the 10-year production span of the SN95 generation, Ford reintroduced some legendary names from Mustang history. So, the Special Vehicle Team or the SVT, as well as the Cobra returned in the Mach I and Bullitt special editions. And that was the perfect introduction for what was about to come next.

  1. Ford Defines Retro-Futurism

The fifth generation was the pinnacle of retro-styling and when Ford revealed the 2005 Mustang, everybody loved the classic proportions and details. However, the car was all new with an improved performance and chassis. But, Ford decided to keep the rear live axle set up, so they received criticism from the automotive press, as well as their fans.

  1. The Most Important Improvement Ever

After exactly 50 years, the Ford Mustang got its most important improvement in 2014, which was the independent rear suspension or IRS. Staying true to the muscle car bible, having a live rear axle was outdated for decades, but somehow Ford managed to pull it off. However, for the new, sixth-generation model, Ford introduced IRS and gave the Mustang a chance to fight in the sports car field.

Interestingly, the first IRS Mustangs were the 1999 to 2004 Cobra SVT models. They came with an advanced IRS suspension to handle their improved power and performance. However, for the standard models and regular customers, the first IRS Mustang was the 2014 model.

  1. The 10th Million Mustang

In 2018, Ford and the Mustang reached an important milestone, the 10th millionth car. Interestingly, it was a white convertible with a V8 engine that was nearly the same as the original No 1 car from way back in 1964. But that was an impressive achievement as well as a unique moment for Ford and all Mustang loving fans all over the world.

  1. Right Hand Drive Arrives

Although they did numerous conversion jobs over the years for customers who wanted their cars suited for the right-hand drive or RHD market, Ford never offered any official products with the steering wheel on the other side. That was until 2014 when Ford announced they would build RHD Mustangs for their customers in UK, Australia, Japan and elsewhere.

  1. Outselling Porsche and Audi in Germany

In 2016, the Mustang achieved a milestone, unlike any other American car. It outsold BMW, Mercedes and Audi on their home turf in the sports car class. In the summer of 2016, Ford sold 780 Mustangs in Germany, which was more than any Porsche 911s or Audi TTs they sold in that month on the domestic market. From a financial standpoint, it is not major news, but for Mustang fans, it was an extraordinary moment. Best of all, it just shows how well fans all around the glove receive the Mustang.

This list includes all you need to know about the legendary Ford Mustang. Hopefully, you learned something new that you can share around the office water cooler or at your next party. And better still, the Mustang continues to inspire and delight fans from every walk of life.

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