25 Classic Cars That Require Little Maintenance

By Cameron Eittreim
25 Classic Cars That Require Little Maintenance

The classic car market has been expanding in the last two decades. Everyone eyes a classic car at some point in time. Whether you want the car as an investment or it’s been on your bucket list to drive a classic ride, values are going through the roof. But an old car comes with costly maintenance costs.

If you’re ready to take on those bills, then a classic car might be worth investing in. Consumer tastes are changing right in front of us. What was recently considered a used car has now become a classic, and many of these cars are collectibles. Some classic cars require much less maintenance than others. We took a look at 25 “classic” cars that require less maintenance than usual via Hagerty below.

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25: 1973 Cadillac Eldorado

The Eldorado has come a long way since its inception, and 1973 is one of the most memorable models. 1973 was synonymous with quality, which included high-quality interior materials. The standard engine had a top speed of 120MPH which at the time was quite impressive for a car of this weight. The reliability of this Eldorado is not terrible by any means, you can expect to do routine maintenance. Naturally, as the car is quite old, you’re going to have maintenance items going out from time to time.

Cadillac El Dorado
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Cadillacs from this period were praised when it came to ride quality. The 1973 Eldorado is iconic for introducing the world to a new generation of luxury. The resale value on these are going to rise, but you can still get a reasonable deal on a used one. If you have been looking for a retro Cadillac project, the 1973 Eldorado might be worth considering.

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