Linclon Continential
via: Hot Rod

24: 1961 Lincoln Continental

Nowadays, the Lincoln brand is more known for its Navigator SUV. But there was a time when the brand was in its prime delivering exceptional sedans and coupes. There’s no denying how iconic the 1961 Lincoln Continental is. You’ve probably seen this car in movies like “Goodfellas” and there’s a reason for that, the car is a piece of history. The massive nose of the Continental housed something even better underneath, and that was the 430 cu in (7.0 L) MEL V8.

Lincoln Continential
via: Hot Rod

The 1961 Lincoln Continental ushered in a new era for modern automotive design. It was also one of the first cars on the market to offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty. The interior featured authentic walnut trim on the interior of the vehicle, making it a wonderful array of quality and American luxury that defined Lincoln vehicles of the era.

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