Exide Sundancer via Bing
Exide Sundancer via Bing

18. Exide Sundancer Electric Car

What appears to be a space ship with wheels is none other than the Exide Sundancer. The 1970s were a time of design inspiration, and the automotive world was frantically trying to get an improved type of automobile that would end our dependence on foreign oil. The outrageous gas prices of the era meant that electric cars were coming back into the mainstream, and as such, the Exide Sundancer was the forefront. The car was a lot different than anything else that was on the road at the time. The unique lifting roof design would allow the driver to sit down in the cockpit.

The Exide Sundancer managed to look like a UFO more than anything. But the design was light years ahead of what else was on the road, and it exemplified the 70s. The automotive press praised the Sundancer for its exceptional driving range at the time. But the car was panned for its small and unusual size because it wasn’t suitable to drive in daily traffic. Still, the Sundancer was ahead of its time, and the electric cars were just on the horizon. The Sundancer was never put into production. The consumer market just wasn’t ready for something that looked so extreme.

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