Sebring CitiCar via Domino's Pizza
Sebring CitiCar via Domino’s Pizza

19. Sebring-Vanguard’s CitiCar

No, you are not looking at a relic from a 1970s space odyssey. You are looking at the Sebring-Vanguard’s CitiCar, which, at one point, was the best-selling electric car here in America. As the gas crisis of the 1970s hit, consumers were looking for any way to save money at the pump. This pyramid-shaped car was built in Florida at a time when electric-powered vehicles were a distant memory. The vehicle came with some pretty unique features such as a sunroof and climate control.

The Sebring-Vanguard’s CitiCar might look weird, but it was a drivable two-seater you could theoretically take anywhere. At a time when the automotive market was full of heavy gas-guzzling vehicles, the CitiCar stood out from the crowd. Prices for the CitiCar have remained affordable for such a piece of automotive history. If you want to drive one of the original electric cars, check out the CitiCar.

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