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16 Of The Most Gorgeous and Talented Race Car Drivers Ever

Vukasin Herbez February 4, 2018

Most people have considered motorsports a man’s sport ever since the beginning of the automobile age. However, despite the domination of men in racing, there have always been female racers who have proved girls can drive just as fast as boys, and sometimes even faster.

The most popular female racer is Danica Patrick who retired early in 2018. She has established herself as one of the hottest racing drivers, as well as one of the hottest female athletes in general. Danica is a successful retired NASCAR driver and the first woman to win an Indy Car Series race. Due to her good looks and style, she is also a successful model and advertising spokeswoman.

However, she is not the only hot female driver in motorsports. In fact, there are more beautiful, capable women behind the wheels of those powerful race cars than you think. So here are the hottest female race car drivers who combine good looks with talented performance driving. Although Patrick retired, here are 16 capable female racecar drivers ready to take the reins.

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16. Susie Wolff

Wolff is a British race driver who was active in Touring car races, especially in the highly competitive, exciting DTM championship. She came from a motorcycle background but chose to move to cars. She started in go-kart championships and then in the Formula Renault and Formula Three series.

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From 2006 to 2012, Wolff participated in the DTM championship behind the wheel of a Mercedes. In 2012 she moved to Formula One as a test driver for the Williams Formula One team. Wolff married Toto Wolff, executive director of the Mercedes AMG Formula One team, and the couple had a child in 2017. This means that Wolff is on parental leave from racing, but race fans are sure she will be back behind the wheel of a race car soon.

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15. Milka Duno

Former Venezuelan fashion model Duno is one of the most interesting women racers in motorsport. Her racing career started late in life. In fact, Duno never considered motorsports until she received an invitation to a driving clinic in Venezuela. It was right then and there that she realized that she was good at racing. Soon, her racing career took off.

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Duno has participated in many racing series in North America, including the Indy Car Series, American Le Mans Series, and Rolex Sports Car Series. She has even participated in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race twice, in 2001 and in 2002 when she finished 28th.

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14. Leilani Munter

Munter is an American racer and environmental activist who has participated in several races since 2010. Her racing career began at the Indy Lights as an entry-level Indy Car racer and later, she advanced to the Indy Pro Series.

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Besides the racing career and a few noticeable performances, Munter earned a degree in biology from the University of California. She is active in various environmental projects. Interestingly, she is one of the rare vegan racing drivers in the world of motorsports.

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13. Simona de Silvestro

De Silvestro is a young Swiss racing driver who has already earned respect from her fellow racers by racing in the innovative Formula E Championship. De Silvestro has also participated in Indy Car Racing and several other racing series. Her nicknames are the “Swiss Miss” and the “Iron Maiden.”

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During 2016 and 2017, Simona raced in Australia in the highly competitive and dynamic Australian V8 Supercars Championship. She was behind the wheel of a Nissan Maxima V8. Simona finished 24th in the overall season standings in 2017. Race fans can look forward to watching her in the V8 Supercars Championship for the 2019 season.

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12. Cyndie Allemann

Allemann is another Swiss racing driver who comes from a notable motorsport family. Her father is a former go-kart racing champion and her brother is a racer, as well. Allemann started her career winning a local junior go-kart championship and then moved on to more serious racing series.

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In 2010, she debuted in the prestigious FIA GT1 World Championship, driving GT sports cars on the world’s best circuits. Interestingly, in 2012 she raced in the Super GT series in Japan as the first-ever female driver in that championship.

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11. Ashley Force Hood

Hood is the daughter of the famous drag racer, John Force, so it is only natural that she has racing in her blood. Her professional drag racing career started in 2007. Sadly, it ended in 2010 when she got married and started a family with her husband Daniel Hood, an employee of her father’s racing team.

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During the years she has been active in the top tiers of professional drag racing world, Hood was a respected racer and won many events. She drove a Mustang Funny Car for the John Force Racing Team and even raced her own father in a few events.

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10. Michele Mouton

The World Rally Championship was a motorsport discipline only men dominated, so when Mouton started racing in the mid-70s, her performance caused as much attention as her good looks. However. Mouton was a fast, capable driver who managed to outperform many male competitors and earn respect from fans. The list of Mouton’s achievements in rally sport is impressive. She is the only female rally driver who won a WRC event. Also, she helped Audi win the first manufacturer’s title in the rally by driving the famous Audi Quattro. Mouton is also the only woman ever to race the crazy fast Group B cars.

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When they banned the Group B series in 1986, Mouton retired from professional racing. In 1988, she returned to the racing scene as a co-founder of the popular Race of Champions event. It features the best drivers around the world competing in various motorsport disciplines. She is also active as an FIA executive and a reputable member of the former racecar drivers community.

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9. Maryeve Dufault

Canadian racing driver and model, Dufault never intended to be a professional driver. However, ever since she was a kid, racing was a part of her upbringing. Her brother and father rode cross motorcycles. She participated in go-kart racing as a little girl, winning a few events. After go-karts, Dufault started racing in junior series races like the Formula BMW and Skip Barber Race Series. However, her big breakthrough moment came in 2010 when she began racing in the Canadian NASCAR Tire Series.

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She also became the first female driver to be a part of the Dodge racing program. Dufault impressed NASCAR star driver Brad Keselowski, which earned her a place in the NASCAR championship where she raced a couple of times. Along with her racing career, Dufault is an active fashion model and TV personality, as well as one of the hottest female motorsport stars.

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8. Shannon McIntosh

McIntosh is one of the rising stars in professional motorsports as well as a talented young female racer. She has been racing since she was just five years old. She also has accumulated over 100 victories in the lower tiers and amateur racing, as well as driving go-karts and midget racers.

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Her debut season in professional racing was in 2014. McIntosh is currently racing in the ARCA Racing series. Besides her racing career, McIntosh is active as a media personality and a spokesperson for various motorsport-related brands and companies.

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7. Sabine Schmitz

Schmitz is a German racecar driver and a member of the Porsche and BMW racing teams. She is also a TV personality and one of the most interesting characters in the world of motorsports. Schmitz grew up in Nurburg close to the famous Nurburgring race track, so she has been surrounded by cars and racing from an early age. Schmitz’s interest in racing grew, so in the ’90s, she started participating in amateur and semi-professional racing on the Nurburgring track. She even won a few VLN Series events. Sabine became famous as a driver of the Ring Taxi, a BMW M5 that taxies around the long Nürburgring track. She drives it in an entertaining fashion, often scaring passengers.

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Since she knows every inch of the track from driving on it daily, Schmitz soon became known as the “Queen of the Ring” among her fellow racers. In the early 2000s, she appeared in the mega-popular TV show, Top Gear. That’s where she earned respect from TV audiences as well as Jeremy Clarkson for her driving skills and performance.

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6. Carmen Jorda

Born in a racing family, Jorda was influenced by motorsports from an early age. Her father, Jose Miguel Jorda, was a racing driver who introduced her to the sport. Like all other young racers, Jorda started in the go-kart series before progressing to the Spanish Formula 3 Championship, where she was quite successful. Soon, she moved on to the European Formula 3 series, participating in the Le Mans and Indy Car Series. In 2015 and 2016, Jorda secured a spot in the Lotus F1 Team as a development driver with a good perspective of driving in Formula One races.

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However, many of her colleagues questioned this position. They declared it as more of a marketing gimmick than a real addition to the team. They also criticized her for attracting the attention of the media for her looks rather than her driving. However, race fans are sure she will achieve some major successes in the future as one of the most promising young female drivers.

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5. Jessica Barton

Barton is an American drag racer and model who draws attention, not only for her racing success but also for her appearance. She became famous when her Toyota Supra with almost 1,200 HP made a surprisingly good pass with an estimated time of 8.64 and a top speed of 170.88 in 2011.

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At the same time, her modeling career took off. Now she is a part-time model and a part-time drag racer. In 2013, Barton was again the center of attention when someone stole her prized Supra, stripping it of its valuable performance parts. They eventually recovered the car, but it was in a sorry state.

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4. Claire Jedrek

As a TV personality and fitness instructor from Singapore, Jerdek wasn’t interested in motorsports. But as a part of a journalistic team that broadcasted a Formula One event, she developed an interest in racing. However, she needed to start from the bottom, so Jerdek first raced go-karts, proving to be highly successful.

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After that, she moved to the Malaysian Super Series Championship of touring cars. She was behind the wheel of a Honda in races supporting the Formula One weekend. At the end of the season, Jerdek was seventh among the 36 drivers. This was a fantastic achievement for a novice driver. She believes in preparing, so Jerdek trains on racing simulators, as well as in the gym.

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3. Madalena Antas

Portuguese beauty Antas is one of the rising off-road racing stars. The daughter of a local rally star, Madalena was destined to start racing at an early age. But unlike many other female drivers, she chose to participate in the rally and off-road races that men dominated. The top tier of off-road racing is extremely hard on the driver and co-driver.

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Drivers must spend hours jumping in the desert in the hot cabin of an off-road vehicle. However, Antas seems to enjoy every second of off-road racing and still manages to look hot. She was one of a few female participants in the grueling Paris-Dakar rally. She drove a Nissan Patrol 4×4 off-road racer.

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2. Inessa Tushkanova

For those who don’t know who Tushkanova is, she is a rally driver from Ukraine who started racing professionally in Russia. Then she raced in Finland, the home of the world’s best rally drivers.

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She is a capable, dedicated rally driver with a great perspective and future in the sport. Inessa is also a successful model and media personality. Inessa has appeared in several editions of Playboy magazine for the Eastern European market.

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1. Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

One of the rising stars in the European touring car scene is young Ahlin-Kottulinsky from Sweden. As the granddaughter of a Swedish rally racer, the motorsport heritage was strongly present in her family. After her first successes in the junior go-kart and formula races, she moved on to touring cars. Ahlin-Kottulinsky is currently involved in the Audi TT Cup series, a semi-professional but highly competitive championship. Although she often battles more experienced competitors, Ahlin-Kottulinsky has managed to get one podium finish and the two fastest laps.

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This is a promising start for this beautiful young lady. These are 16 of the most gorgeous and talented race car drivers ever to grace the tracks. Now that Danica Patrick has retired from racing, who will take over her throne? Only the future will tell.

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