1. The ZZ 572/720R Deluxe

In the number two spot for dragster engines is potent enough to make your straight line race car cross a quarter mile in less than 10 seconds. The ZZ572/720R is ready to go straight from the delivery box, as it comes fully assembled. With the engine practically ready, all you need to do is to bolt on the included Dominator-style 1150-cubic feet per minute (CFM) carburetor, a starter and fuel pump, and you’re ready to go.

Chevy built the ZZ572/720R using the best materials, including an all-forged rotating assembly, rectangular-port aluminum cylinder heads with 113-cc intake ports, and 2.25/1.88-inch valves.

There’s also a solid roller camshaft with 0.714/0.714-inch lift. If you want to build the ultimate dual-purpose car, Chevrolet recommends the ZZ572/720R as the perfect engine. It’s also suitable for limited forays on the street. The engine’s 12.0:1 compression ratio commands the use of 110-octane gasoline, but that’s the only thing you need to worry about when you grab hold of this engine and put it under the hood of your car. The MSRP of the ZZ572/720R is $19,157.

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