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The 20 Best and Influential Pontiacs Ever Made That Most Car Enthusiasts Never Forget

Vukasin Herbez August 10, 2018

  1. Pontiac Trans Sport

Back in the early ’90s, minivans were as popular as SUVs are today. And GM had several models for eager buyers. But one of the most interesting was the Pontiac Trans Sport they produced from 1989 to 1999.

The Trans Sport wowed car customers with its spacey styling and enormous interior space. Also, it came with some unusual features, like sliding rear doors. The basic technical layout was conventional, but the design really stole the show. However, the sales were good and people still remember the cool looking Pontiac minivan from the ’90s.

  1. Pontiac El Catalina

In 1960, Pontiac wanted to expand their portfolio. They even thought of producing some sort of light delivery vehicle or truck. The closest thing GM had was the popular Chevrolet El Camino they based on a full-size Chevy car platform. So, the Pontiac R&D department took the El Camino and mounted its own 1960 Catalina body.

Then they chopped and reshaped with the El Camino rear glass and truck bed. They called the finished concept the El Catalina. And it was more beautiful and elegant than the El Camino. Interestingly, GM didn’t have anything against the project. But Pontiac decided it wasn’t worth the investment since the market was small and management didn’t want to gamble.

These are the 20 best, most important and memorable Pontiacs they ever made. Some are older than others, but they all share one thing: they changed automotive history. Which one would you drive if you had the chance? Many car fans would like to see some of the older models make a comeback. And who knows, maybe they will someday.

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