Dodge Journey Via Auto Week
Dodge Journey via Auto Week

19. Dodge Journey

Feel like you just took a time machine back to 2009? Well, you did. Yes, the Journey is still around in the same form since it hit the market in 2009. The Journey has survived a recession, Chrysler being sold, and two presidential cabinets. But the crossover remains in the same form. We’re not exactly sure why Chrysler is hanging onto this outdated design, but the Journey has been outclassed by just about every crossover available. There’s no real reason to recommend a Journey to anyone.

The interior is utilizing pieces that you’d expect to see in a long-defunct Dodge Dakota – cheap plastic and lots of grey. In addition to the parts, the Journey also uses an outdated V6 engine. Its power is lackluster at best, even in the so-called sport trim. The standard V6 is just outdated compared to the stellar competition from companies like Kia. But being outclassed in power isn’t the Journey’s only problem. The high price tag that the car carries is just not justifiable for any sane car shopper.

Dodge Journey Interior Via Car And Driver
Dodge Journey Interior Via Car And Driver

For the 2020 model year, the V6 engine becomes standard on the lower trims. But it’s a little too late. The Journey’s competition offers more robust seating, more powerful engine choices, and more style.

That’s not to say that the Journey is bad for a used car choice because these crossovers don’t hold their value whatsoever. Overall, if you want a crossover that’s going to be a combination of performance and functionality, the Journey just isn’t it. The Journey is best avoided for the 2020 model year.

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