Questionable Car Models To Avoid For 2020

By Cameron Eittreim
Questionable Car Models To Avoid For 2020

Buying a new car or truck is one of the most invigorating experiences a driver can have. The automotive landscape has changed a lot in the past few decades as cars and trucks get more advanced. Buyers can expect to encounter all kinds of new features they might not have seen on a vehicle before. With all of these new features comes an increase in price and repair costs. There are also new car models that have introduced new features that were ahead of their time, only to become unreliable.

Vehicles like the Pontiac Aztek come to mind, a vehicle that was odd to look at but incorporated many features that we see today. Although the vehicle was shunned at the time and best avoided when it was new. It has since gained a cult following like so many others, but there’s still a reason why the vehicle was avoided when it was new. Purchasing a new vehicle in today’s marketplace is a complicated ordeal, and one of the reasons for that is the fact that new vehicles are so expensive.

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, you don’t want to spend money on regrets. You want features that make the car a pleasure to drive. You also want the reliability you expect with the high price of a new vehicle. Purchasing a new vehicle can be fun, but what’s not fun is buying a car you should have avoided. With that said, some new vehicles are coming out next year that just aren’t going to be worth your time. Take a look at the new car models to avoid for the 2020 model year via Money Inc. below.

Giulia Via Motor Trend
Giulia via Motor Trend

20. Alfa Romeo Giulia

When the Alfa Romeo brand was reintroduced to the American market for the 2016 model year, there was much fanfare. An Italian sports car brand that was actually in reach of the common consumer was quite a concept. Alfa Romeo has long been a brand that’s equated with driving pleasure and quality. As such, the Giulia has some big shoes to fill. Are handsome looks and a zippy Italian drivetrain enough to justify the premium price tag?

Take a seat in its signature Italian interior and you’ll get a glimpse of what a high-quality car looks like. There’s nothing simplistic about the Giulia in any way. But that’s also the downfall of the car as well. The Giulia has been panned by the automotive press for its tiny backseat, which is virtually useless for an adult. Because Giulia is so new to the American market, you can expect to spend a pretty penny on repairs. Not to mention the fact that Giulia is still a relatively unknown vehicle in terms of reliability.

Giulia Interior Via Motor Trend
Giulia Interior via Motor Trend

Drivers who are impressed by Italian performance might want to instead opt for a sedan like the IS 250. Although the Giulia is quite handsome to look at, the car just has too many unknowns to justify the high price tag. Sadly, right now the Giulia is going to fall into the same boat as the Jaguar XK. If you feel brave and want to take on a challenge the Giulia might be worth considering as a used vehicle somewhere down the line.

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