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Drivers Reveal The Life-Saving Items They Always Keep In Their Cars

Cameron EittreimMarch 26, 2021

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4: Coolant

Of course, you should always have a jug of coolant in the car as well. Engine coolant is different than water and it won’t become frozen in cold temperatures. Coolant also has a higher boiling point than traditional water, which is why it works better for an overheating vehicle. The amount of time you can get out of a jug of coolant greatly depends on the conditions around you. Once the coolant becomes mixed with a dirty solution, it will become contaminated and not useful.

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Storing an unopened bottle of coolant in your trunk will ensure that you get the proper usage every time. Antifreeze is an important part of what you need for your vehicle to run right. You’ll also be grateful that you had antifreeze handy for when the worst happens.

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3: Dash Cam

Dash cams are still a fairly new thing in the automotive world, but these compact cameras can mean the difference between you being liable for an accident or not. What also makes the dash cam unique is the fact that it can be set to always-on mode. A Reddit user described their excitement at getting one. “Couldn’t wait to get a dash-cam. My Dad got me one Christmas 2019. It was a Rove brand- he also bought me a large Samsung MicroSD card to go with it.”

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Driving a high-profile car? Well, a dash cam can be the perfect way to protect that investment. There is minimal installation needed, and the thing will record in loops when you’re away from the vehicle.

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2: Seat Belt Cutter

No one wants to be involved in a car accident and there are situations where it is life-threatening. One lucky Reddit user described how this particular item essentially saved their life. “Never had to use the business end, but the cutter is the reason why I still have legs after the only bad accident I’ve ever been in (the engine block collapsed shortly after I got out of the car). EDIT: Because I was asked how the engine block collapsed; I was hit by a drunk driver in an F-350, and the angle of the collision destroyed the front part of the car – the block collapsed because nothing was holding it.”

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The seat belt cutter can mean the difference between the driver getting to safety or being stuck in the vehicle. Once a vehicle has been compromised it’s only a matter of time until an engine fire or worst starts. Seat belt cutters are a great tool to have that helps drivers walk away from a crash intact.

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1: Road Flares

This entry should come without question if you are on a dark roadway and happen to break down. Road flares are useful to have and can mean the difference between a driver seeing you or not. A Reddit user told a story of how using flares could have prevented a mess. “I had a former boss who whiteness a huge pile-up while helping a stalled vehicle. A stalled vehicle just on the downward start of a hill in the snow. Once people could see the car it was too late they would slide. Somehow he managed to avoid it, pulled over, and was going to help the person get their car off the road. After a few minutes, another car came along and bam, right into the other car.

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“Then a few minutes later another. He said before any emergency vehicles could show up 5 or 6 cars were involved in the wreck. He didn’t mention injuries, but I would imagine there had to be some at-least minor ones. And he said the next day he went out and got road flares. He swears if they had had some and put them near the top of the hill they could have avoided the fist could wreck and had enough time to clear the road. He also now buys flares for every new employee he hires. And has a page in their orientation book about emergency vehicle supplies people should have. So the situation had a huge impact on him.” Road flares are easy to come by and there are now LED models that you don’t even have to light.

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