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Chevrolet ‘Exorcist’ Is The 1000-HP Answer To The Dodge Demon

Vukasin Herbez April 17, 2017

So you thought the Dodge Demon was powerful?

Earlier this month the un-godly power of the 2018 Dodge Demon was revealed. The 2018 spawn of the Hellcat is causing massive waves, and has already been banned from drag tracks across the USA.

The 840HP Demon has shattered the quarter-mile record, leading to a letter from the National Hot Rod Association, banning the Demon from the track. In 9.65 seconds, the Demon obliterates a quarter mile at 140 MPH.

Enter Chevrolet, and their answer to the Demon, ‘The Exorcist.’

Camaro Exorcist

Working with Hennessey’s performance, Chevrolet is planning on sending the Dodge Demon straight back to hell. Unleashing 1000 HP from their latest offering, the Camaro is a prime example of muscle cars coming back to life, but in an evolved state.

Using the 2017 Camaro ZL1 engine, Hennessey goes berserk for the Exorcist upgrade. Adding a larger supercharger, better-performing cams and airflow management, stainless headers and ported cylinder heads, the custom-tuned Exorcist engine is insane.

Stats & Video

Looking at the numbers, it seems like the performance of the new Camaro could Chevy owners happy. The standard LT4 V8 puts out a not-too-shabby 650 HP, but how does the Exorcist upgrade perform?

Hennessey claims the Exorcist will hit 0-60 in less than three seconds, and with a sub-10 quarter mile. Although she’s packing more horses, the Exorcist still pales in comparison, as far as the numbers go.

Where the Demon wins again is the price tag, as the Exorcist upgrade doubles the cost of the car to $110K, and that’s without the add-ons like 20″ rims and more.

But who cares about the cost when you can do this?


As car companies continue to encourage drivers to go over double the speed limit, which manufacturer will come out on top? Muscle car wars are a thing again, and we are loving it!

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