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5 Top Celebrities With the Worst Taste in Cars Ever

Vukasin HerbezJune 1, 2019

5. Justin Bieber

It is hard to believe, but Justin Beiber’s career has lasted a full decade. Since 2008, this little teen idol has annoyed millions of people all over the world and earned millions doing that. As any rich teenager with cash to burn, Beiber turned to expensive cars. For some time, it looked like he avoided those nasty mods, terrible paint jobs and big spoilers. His car collection was almost all flat black or white, which was more or less okay.

However, then he turned up in a leopard print Audi R8, earning his place on this list. The Audi R8 is a fantastic sports car. But when he wrapped in kitschy vinyl paint like leopard’s skin, any normal enthusiast would be disgusted. Apparently, Beiber is a big fan of this car and drives it around regularly.

These are five of the top celebrities with the worst taste in cars ever. They have demonstrated that in the paint jobs and other mods, they made to their vehicles. It’s too bad they don’t appreciate good car design and style.

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