5 Top Celebrities With the Worst Taste in Cars Ever

By vukasin

Secretly, most people admire celebrities. It has to be enormous fun enjoying all that fortune and fame and being able to afford anything that comes into your mind. Of course, many folks forget that behind all that glamour is a lot work, dedication and luck. The funny thing is that modern society treats celebrities like they are gods.

But in reality, they are ordinary people. This means that celebrities, despite all their money, sometimes have terrible taste, especially in cars. So, read on to learn which celebrities have the worst taste in cars. Some of them are quite ridiculous and it is amazing how they get away with it.

  1. Will.I.Am

William James Adams Jr., who goes by the name, Will.I.Am is a member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. But he is also a self-proclaimed car enthusiast. As with most celebrities, he wants to show that he is a multitalented artist. Apart from the music business, he also designs clothes and cars. And although some people may question his musical talent, there is no doubt that his car-designing talent is completely non-existent.

In fact, if anything Will.I.Am has a unique ability to ruin a perfectly good car and make it extremely ugly. Unfortunately, he did it to several cars so far. After ruining a perfectly fine ’58 Corvette, Will.I.Am ruined a De Lorean DMC 12 with his unique treatment. Somebody, please stop this guy before he “improves” more cars.