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5 Top Celebrities With the Worst Taste in Cars Ever

Vukasin HerbezJune 1, 2019

Secretly, most people admire celebrities. It has to be enormous fun enjoying all that fortune and fame and being able to afford anything that comes into your mind. Of course, many folks forget that behind all that glamour is a lot work, dedication and luck. The funny thing is that modern society treats celebrities like they are gods.

But in reality, they are ordinary people. This means that celebrities, despite all their money, sometimes have terrible taste, especially in cars. So, read on to learn which celebrities have the worst taste in cars. Some of them are quite ridiculous and it is amazing how they get away with it.

  1. Will.I.Am

William James Adams Jr., who goes by the name, Will.I.Am is a member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. But he is also a self-proclaimed car enthusiast. As with most celebrities, he wants to show that he is a multitalented artist. Apart from the music business, he also designs clothes and cars. And although some people may question his musical talent, there is no doubt that his car-designing talent is completely non-existent.

In fact, if anything Will.I.Am has a unique ability to ruin a perfectly good car and make it extremely ugly. Unfortunately, he did it to several cars so far. After ruining a perfectly fine ’58 Corvette, Will.I.Am ruined a De Lorean DMC 12 with his unique treatment. Somebody, please stop this guy before he “improves” more cars.

  1. Chris Brown

MTV golden boy and Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is next on the list and the reason is quite simple. The guy has two Lamborghinis and ruined both by ridiculous paint jobs, as well as ugly rims. First, he ruined a perfectly good Lamborghini Gallardo by wrapping it like a P-51 Mustang fighter plane from WWII.

Second, he destroyed an Aventador by giving it a camouflage paint job similar to that of a high top sneaker. You might think that this is an accident, but no. Apparently, Brown waited four weeks for them to finish the Aventador, paying over $15,000 for the paint job. The guy has too much money and no taste at all.

  1. Paris Hilton

The scandal-making queen of Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton is famous for her obnoxious lifestyle, leaked porn video, low IQ and not much more. But she is also heir to Hilton Hotels empire and the owner of a fleet of pink cars. Yes, Barbie pink cars.

Even though no self-respecting manufacturer offers such color, Paris Hilton managed to paint her Mercedes, Bentley, Corvette and Ferrari in her favorite shade of pink and drives them proudly around the L.A. area. Imagine you driving around in a pink Bentley Continental GT and wondering why all the paparazzi are following you.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite being everybody’s favorite Hollywood actor, DiCaprio has no taste in cars. You can’t tell that by his acting or his public appearances but, in fact, by his car choice is sad since Leonardo is driving a Prius. You might ask yourself, “What’s the big deal with that? Well, first, he started an awful trend where all those smug celebrities started buying this terrible car, promoting its terrible performance and ugly design.

And second, DiCaprio is famous for owning a big yacht and a private plane, both of which pollute the ocean and air much more than any regular car. For somebody who represents recycling and environmentally friendly lifestyle, he turns out to be a big hypocrite. The problem is not in his lavish lifestyle or yachts, he is a famous actor and he is entitled to live like that. The problem is in his Prius-endorsing statements that are sending the wrong message.

  1. Justin Bieber

It is hard to believe, but Justin Beiber’s career has lasted a full decade. Since 2008, this little teen idol has annoyed millions of people all over the world and earned millions doing that. As any rich teenager with cash to burn, Beiber turned to expensive cars. For some time, it looked like he avoided those nasty mods, terrible paint jobs and big spoilers. His car collection was almost all flat black or white, which was more or less okay.

However, then he turned up in a leopard print Audi R8, earning his place on this list. The Audi R8 is a fantastic sports car. But when he wrapped in kitschy vinyl paint like leopard’s skin, any normal enthusiast would be disgusted. Apparently, Beiber is a big fan of this car and drives it around regularly.

These are five of the top celebrities with the worst taste in cars ever. They have demonstrated that in the paint jobs and other mods they made to their vehicles. It’s too bad they don’t appreciate good car design and style.

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