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30 American Compacts That Were Debatable Muscle Cars

Vukasin HerbezJune 26, 2020

2. Dodge Aspen R/T

Like the Plymouth Volare Road Runner, the Aspen R/T was Dodge’s effort to present a muscle car when they were almost impossible to construct and sell. However, the Dodge Aspen R/T looked like the real deal. In fact, it even possessed some power to distance itself from similar attempts from other brands with disgraceful power outputs.

So, under the ram air hood of the Aspen R/T was a 360 V8 engine with 170 HP. But the selling point of this car was the looks. It came fully equipped with all the bells and whistles of the late muscle car era. In fact, it came with a body kit and stripes.

Also, it had white letter tires with wide wheels, spoilers and even a T-top option. It is just too bad the Aspen R/T lacked the power of its ancestors. It could have easily earned a top spot in muscle car history.

1. Oldsmobile Starfire GT

The mid-70s weren’t an especially good period for Olds performance. So when they introduced the new compact Starfire model, their engineers decided to present a performance version. They called it the Starfire GT, and it was basically an appearance package on a regular Starfire hatchback.

With special body stripes, color, details, wheels and a stabilizer bar, the Starfire GT was more dynamic than the regular model. Also, it was the closest thing Oldsmobile had to a sports or muscle car in 1976.

These are the 30 American performance cars that come in a compact package. Which one of these junior muscle cars did you like the best? Although some are rare and obscure nowadays, others are still available at a decent price like the Shelby Charger. But you should make a move fast. These cars will not go down in price and will become even rarer with time.

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