via: Car domain
via: Car domain

24. 1992 Chevrolet S10 Cameo

The S10 in itself was one of the best selling pickup trucks to come out of General Motors. The truck in conjunction with the GMC Sonoma pretty much defined the compact truck era during the ’90s. The body style was so popular that it ran well into the new millennium with minimal redesign. The Cameo was a special edition of the truck that offered a smooth exterior ground effects kit and a refined interior. The Cameo didn’t garner much attention from the buying public, which is why you don’t see it often.
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Generally speaking, because of the rarity of the package, the Cameo is worth avoiding. The V6 engine of that period was known to have intake manifold failures. In addition, you can get a Syclone, which is not only fast but also a collectible. The Cameo will go down as a failed appearance package if anything.

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