40 Pickup Trucks Drivers Avoid At All Costs

By Cameron Eittreim
40 Pickup Trucks Drivers Avoid At All Costs
Pickup trucks are one of the most popular forms of the automobile. The modern pickup has come a long way from being the farm vehicle it once was. Nowadays, pickup trucks are often as luxurious as a high-end car in terms of features and comfort. But that’s not to say that there haven’t been models that should be avoided. Reliability has been an issue on quite a few pickup trucks, and that’s far from the only issue. Build quality has lagged on a couple of the trucks as well, a far cry from the stellar craftsmanship of products like the Silverado and F-150.
The pickup truck market has one of the highest concentrations of brand loyalists. This means that consumers tend to stick to one brand rather than switching around. GM fans stick with GM and Ford loyalists stick with Ford. There are also truck brands in-between such as Nissan and Toyota that are trying to vie for these buyers as well. Some pickup trucks were well executed in terms of design, and others were lagging. We took a look at 20 trucks that drivers should avoid courtesy of Motor Biscuit.
Jeep Gladiator
via: Jeep AMC

40: 1963-1987 Jeep Gladiator and J-Series trucks

The Jeep Gladiator has created a stir in the marketplace with sales that have far exceeded expectations. The original Gladiator models were not the most reliable at all. If you are in the market for any of these, it’s recommended you search out an original owner model. The Gladiators were notorious for body rust, which seems to happen more often on models with a lot of mileage. Aside from the rusting issue, there were also inherent electrical problems with these pickup trucks. The Gladiators were manufactured in a lot of different body styles which made them appealing to farmers and tradesmen.

via: Classic Car

The different body styles of the Gladiator made it an appealing purchase at the time. The Jeep name is renowned with quality and their pickup trucks were generally appealing. The lack of reliability in older models makes these trucks worth avoiding somewhat. If you can find a clean model that hasn’t had a lot of abuse then you may be alright.

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