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25 WWE Wrestlers With Superstar-Worthy Rides

Cameron Eittreim August 7, 2020

Although professional wrestling currently isn’t the worldwide phenomenon it was during the late ’90s, the WWE is still quite popular. With many wrestlers coming from tough backgrounds, the sudden infusion of money when they achieve stardom is life-changing. And there are more than a few wrestlers known for their affinity for cars as well.

Pro-wrestlers like Goldberg and the Undertaker both have extensive car collections. There are also notable wrestlers from yesteryear like the late Eddie Guerrero who would drive to the ring in a custom lowrider. Wrestling is a fun and entertaining part of the sports entertainment business, and cars are part of that. Check out what your favorite wresting stars drive via Bleacher Report below:

The Rock and his Pagani Huayra
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25: The Rock’s Pagani Huayra

Of course, the first wrestler who comes to mind is the most popular in the world. ‘The Rock,’ movie star Dwayne Johnson, made the transition from the squared circle to Hollywood. His car collection is more on the reserved side. You can usually see The Rock either driving a large pickup or his million-dollar Pagani Huayra.

The Rocks Pagani Huayra
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The Pagani Huayra is one of the fastest cars in the world. With its beautiful scoping lines and large interior, this is a sports car big enough for The Rock to drive. Production-wise, the Pagani Huayra is a rarity in the modern market. There were very few manufactured and resale value is high. Of course, someone who has The Rock’s cash flow can afford one.

Chuck Polumbo Corvette
via: Motor Trend

24: Chuck Palumbo’s 1965 Chevy Corvette Stingray

While some WWE wrestlers make a huge splash like The Rock, there are also mid-card stars who had a lot of TV time. Chuck Palumbo was part of tag teams like the Full-Blooded Italians. In real life, Palumbo also became a custom motorcycle fabricator. He owns a shop called CB Customs and many of his bikes have been featured in magazines.

Chuck Palumbo Corvette Stingray
via: Motor Trend

Palumbo is also a classic car collector. One of his most notable cars is the 1965 Chevy Corvette Stingray. The split window Corvette is among the rarest models you can get. In addition to that, the Corvette has a factory original paint job. Finding a Corvette this clean is not an easy task, and Palumbo had to search far and wide for it.

Eddie Guerrero
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23: Eddie Guerrero’s Lowrider

Perhaps one of the most popular wrestlers of the ’90s was Eddie Guerrero. Not only was his on-screen persona fun to watch, but his wrestling skills were top-notch. The green Impala lowrider Guerrero would frequently pull up to the ring in was his personal favorite. Depending on the town that WWE was touring that week, Eddie would rent out different lowriders from neighboring shops.

Rey Mysterio Eddie Guerrero
via: WWE

WWE television has long changed since the lowriders stopped being featured. Eddie Guerrero was a noted performer and one of the most unique personalities. The lowrider is one of the most iconic car types in the world, and there is a legion of collectors and fabricators. It’s no secret that ‘Latino Heat’ and lowrider culture were an obvious match during Guerrero’s storied career.

Andre The Giant
via: WWE

22: Andre The Giant’s Cadillac

Andre The Giant was one of the most notable wresters with his huge personality and even bigger talent. While he didn’t reach the heights of Hulk Hogan because his life was cut short, he did manage to become a sports entertainment legend and amass some cool cars. The Cadillac Fleetwood is an impressive vehicle even to this day. Andre paid for the Brougham model, which was decked out with a leather top and heated seats.

Andre The Giant
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Cadillac was known for one of the silkiest rides that you can get. A smooth-rolling car with an impressive exterior and interior, Cadillac made elite luxury that you could enjoy for years. It’s interesting to wonder what became of Andre The Giant’s Cadillac after his unfortunate passing.

Cutlass 350 owned by John Cena
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21: John Cena’s Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

Few professional wrestlers have achieved as fast an ascent as John Cena. Cena has rapped, acted, and won countless titles. In the real world, he’s also a car collector like many wrestlers. The Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 is not only rare, but the banana yellow paint job will make sure that people notice you. But aside from its dazzling paint job, the Rallye 350 is a performer.

Oldsmobile Cutlass 350

There are modern muscle cars that can’t match up to the Cutlass Rallye 350. The car has a bevy of customizations that make it unique to Cena. You might have seen a lot of these on the road, but very few come close to this one. If only Oldsmobile hadn’t been discontinued so we could have a modern Cutlass.

Hulk Hogan next to his Camaro
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20: Hulk Hogan’s Camaro

Hogan is a known car aficionado. Before his divorce, Hogan’s car collection was one of the largest in the world. Hogan was even one of the first owners of the Dodge Ram Rumble Bee. If you’ve ever seen Hogan driving around Florida then you’ve probably seen his Camaro a time or two on the freeway.

Hulk hogan
via: Wrestler Zone

There are interesting features on this Camaro such as the yellow-lined rims and the performance modifications. Camaro owners envy the one owned by Hulk, and it’s uniquely him in every aspect. “The Hulkster’s” Camaro is a standout muscle car.

Bill Goldberg Shelby
via: Bill Goldberg

19: Bill Goldberg’s 1965 Shelby Cobra

The meteoric rise of Bill Goldberg was one of the hottest stories in professional wrestling in the 1990s. While many thought Goldberg was just a copy of “Stone Cold “Steve Austin, the wrestler had his own style. Goldberg quickly became a household name. With that rise in stardom also came a significantly larger bank account, and Goldberg was able to obtain many nice classic cars.

Shelby Cobra
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The 1965 Shelby Cobra is a highly sought-after roadster designed by one of the most influential automotive icons in Carroll Shelby. Goldberg has a pristine all-original model. Shelby has been rising in value in recent years. These cars can be outfitted with a modern engine and many companies make clone cars as well. If you want a fun driving experience, you can’t go wrong with the Cobra.

Madusa Monster Truck
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18: Madusa’s Monster Truck

Alundra Blayze is one of the pioneering females in the pro-wrestling business. When she jumped ship to WCW during the ’90s, she tossed her WWF championship belt in the trash on live TV. WCW had a fleet of monster trucks it would parade on the Monster Jam circuit, and Madusa wanted one. Later she became a driver of the monster truck and has been on the circuit ever since. The Madusa monster truck is big, pink, and mean. She has won a few championships and she can hold her own on the professional circuit.

Madusa next to her truck
via: Monster Jam

Although her run in WCW wasn’t much to be impressed with, Madusa was later inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, a nod to her presence and progress in the professional wrestling business. The professional wrestling business can be a cold one, but Madusa managed to carve out a niche for herself quite well.

Sheamus' DeLorean
via: TMZ

17: Sheamus’ DeLorean

Sheamus has a unique Celtic warrior look and an ability to captivate the audience. Naturally, a wrestler with Sheamus’ personality would drive a unique car. The DeLorean is about as unique as you can get. The car has a notoriety for being featured in the “Back To The Future” series, but you can also get the car in real life. Sheamus has an all-original model with all of its gadgets intact.

Sheamus DeLorean
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While some car collectors go for the classics like the GTO or Chevelle, Sheamus went a different route. The DeLorean is still one of the most unique cars you’ll see on the road. The idea of the car was unique at the time and still is to this day. They are several aspects that give the DeLorean its unique appeal.

Triple H on his Motorcycle
via: WWE

16: Triple H’s Motorcycle

WWE has captivated millions of fans for decades, and Triple H became a breakout star for the company. After being fired from WCW during the early ’90s, he found success in WWE as a heal and ultimately married the boss’s daughter. The motorcycle Triple H owns is a very unique one. Although we’re not sure who fabricated it, the tricycle design is unique, to say the least. There are very few motorcycles around that can match Triple H’s in terms of uniqueness.

Triple H
via: DailyStar

Obviously, with his years of success, Triple H probably has some other custom cars as well. Most professional wrestlers obtain multiple collectors cars when they get into their golden years. Triple H has since retired from on-screen television and the motorcycle was one of the most unique creations seen on WWE television.

Dave Batista
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15: Dave Bautista’s Lamborghini

Everyone remembers when Bautista gave Triple H that legendary thumbs down and became the World Heavyweight Champion. After that, Bautista has since moved onto the movie business, starring in many mainstream hits such as the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise. His car collection is also pretty eclectic.

Dave Batista
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The Lamborghini is his go-to sports car and with good reason. Not only is it roomy enough for him, but it dominates on the racetrack just like he dominates in the ring. Then you can customize the Lambo, which Bautista has done with custom rims and performance upgrades. All-in-all, Batista has a pretty sweet Lambo that he can enjoy driving around town or on a track run.

Batista Motorcycle
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14: Dave Bautista’s Motorcycle

Aside from his constant collection of high-end exotic cars, Bautista has been known to frequent the motorcycle world as well. His motorcycle collection isn’t exactly large, but it does fit his unique personality. The classic style Harley Davidson is an ode to the ’60s with a raised fender and handlebars. Classic Harley Davidsons can run a pretty penny, so don’t let the simplistic styling fool you.

Dave Batista
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Harley Davidson has come a long way in recent years and the one that Bautista has is no different. This is a stellar choice for a Harley Davidson with a lot of unique features. Bautista has owned his Harley for quite some time now and he will post Twitter pics every once in a while.

Undertakers Chopper
via: Sportkeeda

13: The Undertaker’s Chopper

Some professional wrestlers have become so iconic that their image transcends the squared circle. The Undertaker is one of these people. During the early 2000s, he decided to switch things up and came onto the scene as a biker in his “American Badass” persona. His first custom motorcycle was built by West Coast Choppers, but he has since upgraded to others. The chopper he rides now is called the “Ghost” and it features an all-white paint job.

Undertaker on his bike
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The world of custom motorcycles has been around for decades, and The Undertaker’s bike is among one of the most finished. Recently featured in his Wrestlemania match with A.J. Styles. the chopper is a piece of modern art. The Undertaker would ride to the ring on quite a few different bikes. These motorcycles were actually part of his real-life collection and he was big on riding them.

Miz's Jeep Wrangler
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12: The Miz’s Jeep Wrangler

The Miz had a slightly different rise to the top of the professional wrestling world than your average superstar. He started as a finalist in the WWE Tough Enough competition and has been with the company ever since. For his ride, he went the route of the ever-popular Jeep Wrangler. In fact, the wrestler and his wife were featured in Motor Trend.

The Miz Jeep
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The Miz’s Jeep is fully custom with a lifted suspension and all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Very few cars have made the rounds like the Jeep Wrangler. The SUV has become an iconic part of society. There are a few modifications to the Miz’s Jeep that separate it from the pack because as with any Wrangler owner, creating a unique vehicle is an important thing to do.

Stone Cold Bronco
via: Ford-Trucks

11: Stone Cold’s 1995 Bronco

Few wrestlers have made as much of an impact as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has in the last few decades. After all his success, Stone Cold is enjoying a quiet retirement. His car of choice? Stone Cold is the original owner of a 1995 Bronco XLT. He hasn’t done much to it except routine maintenance and he loves to drive it. The Bronco was made famous by OJ Simpson during the ’90s.

Ford Bronco
via: Mecum

This body style is becoming increasingly sought after as it was the last modern full-size two-door SUV with a removable top. The new Bronco is stealing some of the glory, but the ’95 model is still a keeper. If you’re able to get your hands on one of these you can drive in style like Stone Cold. The factory engine choices and a bevy of aftermarket parts make the Bronco something you can drive for years and years without problems.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
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10: Stone Cold’s Pickup

Throughout the history of WWE, there were many times when a wrestler would drive up to the ring in a vehicle. There is no vehicle more iconic than the series of black trucks that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would drive up in. What originally started as a Chevy CK Series truck eventually switched to the F-150. Fans love the Stone Cold decals that were all over the trucks and there were some crazy segments on TV.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
via: YTIMG

Stone Cold has been known to drive through a sound stage a time or two. Naturally, these were not vehicles that Stone Cold owned; they were just stage vehicles. But the trucks were a piece of WWE history and defined what is known as the “Attitude Era” and its brash storylines. Stone Cold was one of the defining wrestlers at a time when professional wrestling was at its peak.

Jeep Wrangler
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9: Kaitlyn’s Jeep

The women of the squared circle also have some pretty unique rides as well. Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn has a custom Jeep Wrangler. Aside from the interesting paint the Jeep also has a lifted suspension to give it a unique look. Aftermarket wheels make the Jeep standout from the crowd, in addition to the decals. Wranglers are in more demand than ever before as the SUV has a timeless style.

Kaitlyns Pink Jeep
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Although Kaitlyn hasn’t had much of a career in the WWE, she still managed to gain a love for cars. Her Jeep is a testament to a can-do attitude and it stands out from the crowd. The real question is whether her Jeep could climb more of a trail then the Miz’s? Both Jeeps are setup for extreme off-roading.

Randy Orton Hummer
via: All Wrestling Superstars

8: Randy Orton’s Hummer

Whether you remember his early days as a member of Evolution or his time as the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton has done it all in the business. Naturally, with the level of success Orton has experienced, it’s not surprising that he’d pick a Hummer H2 as his ride. The H2 was iconic for being an overbearing ride.

Randy Orton
via: WWE

Orton didn’t do anything special to his other than put on some aftermarket rims. Professional wrestlers spend so much time on the road traveling that enjoying a car is difficult. The Hummer brand might be defunct but the H2 has a resounding quality. There are very few vehicles on the road that have become as iconic as the Hummer.

Baron Corbin on bike
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7: Baron Corbin’s Motorcycle

On RAW, Baron Corbin is a heel, and he can incite the worst in the audience. But outside of wrestling, Corbin has done quite well for himself. Before WWE he was a professional football player and amassed quite a few “toys.” His motorcycle is a custom Harley Davidson cruiser. Designed for hitting long roads, the Harley is the ultimate way to ride a motorcycle. The Harley Davidson pictured has a black paint job and discreet styling.

Baron Corbin on bike
via: IMGUR

Baron is quite reserved after his NFL career and he has since hidden most of his life. But you might catch the superstar riding around his neighborhood on this bike. You’ll see many of these Harleys on the road during the summertime, and Corbin has one of the most unique models on the road right now.

Natalya Volkswagen CC
via: Motor Trend

6: Natalya’s 2011 Volkswagen CC

Natalya has won multiple women’s championships and has been a fixture on WWE TV for years now. Her taste in vehicles is much more reserved than her on-screen character. The Volkswagen CC is an upmarket version of the Passat. The sedan has all the luxury features you’d expect from a luxury sedan like heated and cooled seats in addition to other options such as a panoramic sunroof.

Volkswagen CC
via: New Cars

The Volkswagen CC is not as popular as other models on the market, but it offers great value. Natalya has good taste in vehicles and the Volkswagen CC is a one-of-a-kind option. From its performance to luxury features you can’t beat Volkswagen engineering on a vehicle like this.

JBL Limo
via: Drivespark

5: John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s Limo

Bradshaw had a meteoric rise in the latter part of his WWE career. The wrestler was on his last leg as a member of a tag team. Vince McMahon needed a top-flight superstar to take the championship and Bradshaw was the last resort. He developed a stockbroker millionaire image and started his reign as WWE champion. He would routinely drive up to the ring in a custom limousine that had bull horns on the hood.

JBL Limo
via: 365 DM

Bradshaw is a bit reserved in real life but his limo was one of the most standout signs of the wrestler. We’re not sure what Bradshaw would drive during the rest of his life, but his limo would follow him on tour. The interesting thing about the limo is that he had two different models. There was a newer Towncar and the one you see pictured. Either one was one of the most unique wrestling vehicles around.

Hogans Hellcat
via: Autoevolution

4: Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Hogan had to make a rebound in the last part of his career. Well into his fifties and on the verge of divorce, Hulk was in a bad place. Nowadays he’s doing a whole lot better and he has begun to rebuild his extensive car collection. The most recent entry into the Hulk’s car collection was a brand-new Challenger Hellcat. Although the platform is almost a decade old, Dodge has found ways to reinvigorate the platform.

Hogan Dodge Charger
via: Networth

The Challenger is a great car with an awesome base and the Hellcat takes the car to a whole new level of performance. We’re not sure if the Hulk has done any modifications to his Hellcat besides the custom wheels. Ordinarily, when you see a car like this you’d be taken aback, but especially so when you see one of the biggest wrestling ever stars driving it. Needless to say, Hulk is having a great deal of fun driving his Hellcat.

Vinces Stolen Bentley
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3: Vince McMahon’s Bentley Continental GT

The man behind the WWE also has a taste for cars. The Bentley Continental GT offers a good deal of performance for the price and the car is luxurious. Vince Mcmahon has made a lot of money and the Bentley Continental GT is part of his collection. With its V8 engine and rear-wheel-drive design, the Continental GT can handle its business on the track.

Bentley GT
via: Zenfs

McMahon hasn’t done anything special to his, the car is completely stock. McMahon owns more cars then just this Bentley, but just driving around, the Bentley is his go-to ride. There was a time when McMahon would drive from event to event using his cars. Nowadays he travels by plane and other means just like his son-in-law Triple H.

Dodge Ram Yellow Fever
via: Mecum

2: Hulk Hogan’s 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Yellow Fever

The Dodge Ram has always been the third wheel of the big three pickup truck market. But modern incarnations have been very powerful street machines. Offering a good deal of performance for the price, the Rumble Bee SRT-10 was one of the most popular versions of the Ram and it sold quite well. Packing a Viper engine and a unique paint job, the Ram SRT is among one of the most unique pickup trucks.

Dodge Ram SRT-10
via: Mecum

Hogan did several things to his Ram SRT-10 such as add a cold air intake and supercharger. The Ram SRT-10 in yellow fever is a standout truck even to this day. You can find these trucks with low mileage and the engine is the best part. If you are an enthusiast of the Viper but you need extra interior space, the SRT-10 is the perfect vehicle.

Hulk Hogan and his bike
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1: Hulk Hogan’s Arlen Ness Custom Chopper

When it comes to famous wrestlers, Hulk Hogan is arguably the most famous. His car collection is extensive and his motorcycles are well-known. For one of his first custom bikes, Hogan went to none other than legendary bike builder Arlan Ness. The interesting thing about the double-wide is that it was very similar to what you’d expect a Harley to look like. In comparison to Hogan, the bike looked small. You don’t get to see too many Harley Davidson motorcycles like this on the road.

Hulk Hogan and paul senior
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Arlen Ness recently passed away and his motorcycles were known for their elongated designs. Arlen was a pioneer of the motorcycle industry and the bike he crafted for Hogan was one of the most unique around. To this day, the Hogan double-wide custom chopper is one of the most interesting looking custom motorcycles.

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