Isuzu Rodeo via Motor Trend
Isuzu Rodeo via Motor Trend

23. Isuzu Rodeo

You’ve seen them just about everywhere. In fact, this particular SUV defined the modern mid-size SUV. There was a time when Isuzu was a major player in the domestic automotive market. The brand dominated the SUV segment with its off-road capability. The Rodeo was available in a four or two-door, and it featured a removable top as well. The capable Isuzu had a high ground clearance which made it more capable off-road.

The Rodeo was the pinnacle of the SUV boom where just about every family in the 90s had to have one in the driveway. Sadly, the Rodeo fell out of favor as more modern SUVs hit the marketplace. Still, in recent years, the Rodeo has developed an afterlife on the used car market, especially with its two-door configuration. Isuzu is one of the most renowned brands in the worldwide SUV business to this day, although the company has left the American market.

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