Suzuki X-90 via Motor Trend
Suzuki X-90 via Motor Trend

24. Suzuki X-90

The 90s were a revolutionary time for the automotive industry. New vehicles were hitting the market left and right. Everyone wanted to take advantage of a booming economy, and Suzuki was quick to jump at the opportunity. The X-90 is unique in terms of style and its two-seat design. Suzuki had success with the Sidekick and Samurai compact SUV models and then decided to introduce the world to something even more unique. The X-90 was a topless two-seater that featured a plethora of unique colors and an even more colorful interior.

Styling was a mixed bag, combining a sports car and an SUV. The removable top allows drivers to experience the same open-air feeling as the Samurai. Power was limited to a four-cylinder engine, which didn’t offer much in the way of acceleration. The little SUV never really sold well because no one knew exactly what it was. In recent years, however, 90s’ nostalgia has caught up with the X-90 and values have been rising. Some even feel they are now cooler than a Jeep Wrangler.

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