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35 Hyped Sports Cars Ruined By Crucial Mistakes

Cameron Eittreim June 5, 2020

Photo Credit: Topspeed

8: Hyundai Genesis 2.0T

The Genesis was from a new generation of sports cars. Hyundai was trying to step out of just being an affordable car maker and create something more. The standard 2.0T was an exciting engine in a lot of ways. But the Genesis would have been a lot better if Hyundai included the V8 powerplant sold in its sedan.

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The V8 was perhaps one of the most notable engines of the last decade and it would have given Hyundai a real chance. Although there have been several popular incarnations of the Genesis since then. The 2.0T was one of the resounding successes for the brand. We just wish Hyundai would have offered the V8 option in the Genesis Coupe.

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7: Honda Civic Type R

When Honda introduced the Type R to the American market, there was a lot of excitement. The SI was already a popular model, but the Type R took it a step further. The Type R nameplate is familiar to the foreign market but most of America hasn’t seen it. The Type R would have been great as a sports coupe. We can’t understand why Honda decided to go with a hatchback design.

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Honda Civic SI via Motor JunkieThe car is not only bulkier than the outgoing Civic but also too extreme. Sometimes automakers have gone too far when it comes to design. The Type R is one such instance where the automaker went too far to try and please. The Type R is a great car but a coupe version would have been a lot better.

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6: Kia Stinger GT

The Kia Stinger GT was a new concept for Kia when it hit the market. The sedan is more of a sports car than anything else on the market. But we have to wonder why Kia didn’t go for a two-door model. Hyundai has experienced mixed results in creating a comparable sports car.

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The Veloster is a unique-looking addition to the lineup and it has managed to attract some fans. Kia however has maintained a more relaxed approach. The Stinger GT is a good attempt at creating a sports car. The one-of-a-kind exterior dimensions and a powerful V6 engine are enough to create a standout sports car. But a two-door model would have been a great addition as well.

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5: Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata was one of the first lightweight roadsters on the market. Mazda was going for something fun and lightweight. There have been quite a few Mazda Miata models over the last few decades. The overall design of the Miata is iconic for being lightweight and nimble.

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Mazda hasn’t swayed far from this formula in a few decades, but there also hasn’t been a lot of innovation. The Miata could have been much more with a few enhancements. Mazda has stuck to the same formula for a good reason. However, with a little bit of design and innovation, the Miata could have been a more landmark sports car.

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

4: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The early 2000s were a time famous for compact sports cars. The “Fast and the Furious” franchise introduced a new generation to modifications. The Lancer Evolution came from the factory ready to race. The car could handle just about anything you could throw at it. But Mitsubishi skimped on a lot of options. The Lancer was well-designed from the gate yet if the interior had been a little more upscale, it would have been even better.

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The Lancer is a car that could attract any number of potential enthusiasts. The basic design of the car was timeless. Most sports car enthusiasts have lauded the Lancer for its easy-to-work-on platform and quick-tuning engine.

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

3: Subaru WRX

Subaru has a long history of success in the rally car business. The WRX is a well-known car popular for over two decades. Sadly, Subaru tends to cut a lot of corners when it comes to the WRX. The car is often notable for its cheaply put together interior and dated materials that take away from its design. For the most part, Subaru has been notable for keeping the WRX in a dated design.

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We have to wonder what the future will hold for the WRX. The next generation of the car could be great. If Subaru decides to add another level of design to the WRX, the car could be a stellar choice for the consumer who wants some fun.

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2: Mazda RX-8

Mazda has created quite a few notable compact sports cars in the last 30 years. The RX-8 came onto the scene a long time after the RX-7 had been discontinued. The RX-8 had a notable design that featured suicide rear doors. The overall design of the car wasn’t something that you’d usually see in a sports car. We liked everything that the RX-8 had to offer and it amounted to a pretty unique ride.

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But Mazda skimped when it came to engine design and the RX-8 is notorious for blowing its powerplant early on. Rebuilding the engine is quite costly because the Rotary design is different than most common motors. Without that unfortunate truth, it would have obviously been a better sports car.

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1: BMW M2

Perhaps one of the least well-known cars on this list is the M2. Released during the economic depression, this was a way for BMW to release an entry-level car. The M2 had a lot going for it, from its compact size to its fun design. But BMW left out several crucial features that many luxury car buyers have come to expect. The M2 was missing many interior functions.

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With a few more features to boast, it would have done a lot better in terms of sales. There was also a convertible version of the M2, which also boasted a good amount of performance and functionality. Overall, the M2 is a car that can still provide you with a good amount of enjoyment.

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