Shaq F1 Ferrari
via: Yeah Motor

24. Extended Ferrari 355 Spider

When you’re as big as Shaq, you don’t fit in traditional vehicles. When he commissioned Ferrari to build him a custom 355, the car needed to be stretched. With a bankroll like Shaq’s, a company will do anything, and Ferrari was more than happy to extend the prized roadster out for the star. The Shaq F1, as it’s known, is the only Ferrari 355 Spider in the world to feature a stretched-out frame from the factory. This was a little over-the-top considering Shaq rarely, if ever, drove the vehicle during his ownership.

Shaq F1 Ferrari
via: 6 Speed Online

The Shaq F1 was later sold to a museum where it sits on display. It’s indeed a sad sight to see so much money spent on a special edition roadster only to never be driven again. This is just one instance where Shaq went over the top and quickly got bored with the final product.

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