32 Cars & Bikes That Shaq Spent Way Too Much On

By Cameron Eittreim
32 Cars & Bikes That Shaq Spent Way Too Much On

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal, or “Shaq” as we know him, is one of the most popular sports stars in the world. His likable and approachable personality has made him a stellar product pitchman in recent years. But like his appetite on the court, Shaq also has a very large appetite for expensive cars and motorcycles. The NBA star has had quite the collection over the last 25 years.

Shaq has possessed a bit of everything, from custom motorcycles ordered to fit his seven-foot frame to a need for speed that he can’t contain. Many of these are only dream cars to the rest of us, but for Shaq, they’re just an everyday thing. Then there are ordinary cars that Shaq added his personal touch to. Take a step back and read on as we take a look at 32 of the most expensive cars and motorcycles Shaq spent way too much on.

Lamborghini Gallardo
via: Lamborghini

32: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 2dr Spyder

In addition to the stretched Lamborghini Gallardo Shaq owns, there was also a period when he played for the Miami Heat and drove a convertible. With the hot sun of Miami, there’s no better place for a convertible Lambo to be seen. Unlike the stretched Gallardo, he kept the Gallardo convertible fairly stock other than a new set of wheels. With a V-10 that pumps out a whopping 552 hp, the Gallardo is no slouch on the track.

via: Lamborghini

Shaq has always had a fixation with sports cars and his affinity for the Gallardo should be of no surprise. The convertible had a sculpted design that made it stand out from the crowd, which is hard to do in a world of similarly designed sports cars. Shaq has owned a lot of cars in his day but the Gallardo Convertible stood out from the crowd for its unique design.

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