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25 Car Items Drivers Are Buying With Their Stimulus Checks

Cameron Eittreim April 21, 2020

Rain X
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6: [amazon link=”B0000AXNMO” title=”RainX 800002243 Yellow Windshield” /]

Have you ever noticed that when you spray your car it leaves watermarks? This is especially so in the summertime. With RainX 800002243 Yellow Windshield, you’ll notice that water beads off your windshield and paint.

Rain X
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The RainX 800002243 Yellow Windshield is an excellent way to keep water off your vehicle. If you want to avoid waterstained windows later on in life, the RainX 800002243 Yellow Windshield is your solution.

Buy it right here: [amazon link=”B0000AXNMO” ] [amazon fields=”B0000AXNMO” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Emergency Bag
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5: [amazon link=”B00N509LP2″ title=”Lifeline 4330AAA Black AAA Premium Road Kit” /]

The need for an emergency kit in your car is more important than ever. The Lifeline 4330AAA Black AAA Premium Road Kit is a well-versed kit that comes with just about everything that you need in an emergency. It has a kevlar zip bag that keeps everything safe.

AAA emergency bag
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The Lifeline 4330AAA Black AAA Premium Road Kit is a great way to protect yourself. In this uncertain world, investing some of that stimulus money into a Lifeline 4330AAA Black AAA Premium Road Kit is a wise thing.

Learn more about it here: [amazon link=”B00N509LP2″ ] [amazon fields=”B00N509LP2″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

3M Headlight Protection
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4: [amazon link=”B001AIZ5HY” title=”3M Headlight Lens Restoration System” /]

Headlights tend to become foggy after a period of time. If you’re like most people, you’ll use some kind of headlight restoration at some point in time. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is among the most trusted products on the market. It’s used by car detail shops and normal people.

3M headlight restoration
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When it comes to choosing a headlight restoration kit, you want something you can trust. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System will get the job done right in a minimal amount of time. It’s also a very affordable choice.

Learn more about it here: [amazon link=”B001AIZ5HY” ] [amazon fields=”B001AIZ5HY” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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3: [amazon link=”B07PR9V843″ title=”IPELY 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster” /]

Keeping your car detailed doesn’t always mean you have to wash it. You can get a duster to do some work on the interior as well. A good car duster can be used a few times a week to keep your car clean and tidy.

IPELY 2 pack
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The IPELY 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster is an affordable and effective option. A couple of swipes a week and your paint will be looking great.

Buy this item here: [amazon link=”B07PR9V843″ ] [amazon fields=”B07PR9V843″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

Zone Tech Multi-functional car desk
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2: [amazon link=”B00YF3GJR6″ title=”Zone Tech Multi-Functional Portable Car Tray” /]

A portable desk can greatly help people who work out of their car. The Zone Tech Multi-Functional Portable Car Laptop and Food Steering Wheel Tray connects right to your steering wheel. It allows you to work from the comfort of your dashboard.

Zone Tech Steering Wheel Desk
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The sturdy design of the Zone Tech Desk makes it ideal for most travelers. Again, this is not an official replacement, but it will get the job done.

You can learn more about this item here: [amazon link=”B00YF3GJR6″ ] [amazon fields=”B00YF3GJR6″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

Black Magic Tire Wet
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1: [amazon link=”B0009IR0OW” title=”Black Magic Tire Wet Foam” /]

Finally, when it comes to completing the exterior look of your vehicle, tire shine is an important aspect to remember. Not all tire shines are created equal. The Black Magic brand is known for having exceptional products. The Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam does an excellent job of coating the entire wheel.

Black Magic Tire Shine
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And this stuff won’t just last for an hour. Your tires will still look great days later. The Black Magic Tire Wet Foam is also among one of the most affordable brands. If you want to really set off the look of your car, Black Magic Tire Wet Foam will do the truck.

Buy this item here: [amazon link=”B0009IR0OW” ] [amazon fields=”B0009IR0OW” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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