Nissan 300ZX via Motor Junkie
Nissan 300ZX via Motor Junkie

23. Nissan 300ZX

Another legend of the 90s that’s often overlooked is the 300ZX. The coupe is turbocharged just like the 3000GT, and it’s also available in a 2+2 configuration. When it was new, the 300ZX competed with the Supra and the 3000GT for sports car dominance. This generation of the 300ZX is often overlooked and slept on. That’s just fine for buyers who are looking for cheap thrills because a turbo-charged 300ZX offers an unlimited amount of fun. The interior is still refined to this day, as Nissan used quality materials and comfortable seating. There’s also a convertible version of the 300ZX, which is quite rare.

The 90s were a rough time for Nissan as a brand, but the 300ZX is still a diamond in the rough. Nissan has had a long storied history in the world of performance, and the 300ZX lives up to the hype. The understated car provides a fun driving experience all these years later, and the engine is one of the most reliable that Nissan has ever made. A reasonable 300ZX with low mileage can be had for less than $5000. For that price, you get an exceptional car. The values of the 300ZX are only going to rise as time goes on, so there’s never been a better time to get one.

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