Audi TT Coupe Via Motor Junkie
Audi TT Coupe via Motor Junkie

24. Audi TT

Volkswagen is a company that owns Porsche, Audi, and a bevy of other brands. The vehicle models often share components. The Audi TT is a marriage of Porsche technology and proven Volkswagen refinement. Just take a look at the TT and you’ll know that the car is special. It’s been in production for 20 years and it still looks great. The TT came in a coupe and convertible version, both of which have a fully functional backseat. The turbocharged engine provides all the power you need in a car this light.

Where the TT shines is the Quattro variation, which is the Audi all-wheel-drive system. The car grips the road like it was meant for it, and this is what drivers enjoy most. No matter if you get a current-generation TT or a used model, they all look the same. The timeless style has worked for the brand over the last 20 years, helping the TT to remain an icon of the new millennium. The styling is reminiscent of the Porsche Boxster, and that’s ok with us. You can still find a TT in reasonable shape for under $10,000.

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