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20 Ways Car Fans Can Stay Sane While Social Distancing

Vukasin HerbezMarch 30, 2020

8. Make a Scale Model

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, scale model building was a big craze among car-loving kids. Companies like Revell, AMT, Tamiya and Monogram made thousands of kits, mostly in the 1:24/5 scale, which they sold unassembled. Your job was to glue the pieces together and add paint and decals. Even though that sounds simple, in reality, it requires a certain amount of skill. However, making a model car can occupy you for hours.

There are numerous choices on the market, from inexpensive ones all the way up to the $1,000 kits. You can even find wooden car kits and Lego car building kits. If you are new to building models, start from the bottom and work your way up. Remember, the most affordable kits are the snap-together-types, which are a great way to get hooked on model-building.

The more serious kits require tools, special glue and paint booths for the airbrush guns. So if you get addicted, be prepared to invest a hefty sum in additional equipment.

7. Broaden Your Automotive Perspectives

Regardless of how much you know about cars, nobody knows everything. If your garage is clean, your diecast models are on display, and you are done playing racing games, it’s time to discover something new. Most car enthusiasts are dedicated to only one car type, model, or brand, which is fine. However, since you have time and the World Wide Web at your disposal, why not explore the cars you don’t know a lot about?

What about South-African muscle cars, East-European luxury brands, classic Japanese all-terrain vehicles, or German supercars? There are some strange, exciting, and cool automotive makes and models out there. You can learn so much about them if you can just step out of your comfort zone.

6. Start Organizing an Event

If you’re a true car aficionado, the chances are that almost all of your friends are also car nuts. That provides the potential to organize an event once the pandemic passes. All you have to do is use your imagination.

Now you have the time to send invites, list plans, make phone calls, get suggestions and reserve the date for your car meet or event. Whether it’s a race meet, cruise, car show, coffee-type activity or just a simple get-together, now is to time to start making your plans a reality.

5. Write a Car Story

You probably have more than one exciting car story to tell, so why not write it down? This is a fantastic way to fight boredom during these long quarantine days. Also, other car fans will probably like to read it. Just start writing down all your favorite car-related memories, stories, events and legends.

You can keep it for future generations or send it to a car magazine or website. If your story is good, you could get published, which is even better. Why not let your passion for automobiles shine brightly for others to enjoy?

4. Race Scale Model Cars

Do you remember racing scale models and slot cars around a floor track? Did you have those famous Scalextric tracks and cars? Even before online multiplayer racing games, that was the only way to race your friends in the living room. The Scalextric is a brand that produces plastic scale model cars that race down a specially-designed track. This was the favorite pastime of car-crazed kids back in the day before computers took over the world.

If you have a Scalextrics or other track, put it to good use. It may look easy, but racing slot cars and Scalextric cars can require a lot of skill and is immensely fun. Show your kids what multiplayer really means and teach them how to release the accelerator button when making those tight turns.

3. Teach Basic Car Maintenance

There is nothing the average gearhead likes more than to pass their knowledge on to others. Over the years, you may have accumulated lots of useful car information, skills and techniques. So, why not share it with the younger generation? Since you have the time and school is out, spend some time with your teenager.

Show them how to do something with their hands, like changing a flat tire or replacing the oil. You can teach how to top off the various fluids and replace the brake pads. Not only this will create a valuable bond, but it will also teach your teenager some essential car maintenance skills. Also, it could even help them choose their future career.

2. Watch Your Favorite Car Movies

You’ve probably seen them all by now, but it’s still fun to watch them again. Classic car movies are a vast genre, so no matter how many times you have seen Bullitt or American Graffiti, you can still watch them again. Look around – there are many cool movies to discover on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Apple TV.

You may want to re-discover some classic car flicks like Fast and Furious and Le Mans, or modern car films like Baby Driver or Drive.

1. Design and Draw a Car

Do you have an idea for a hot rod or a custom car you can’t describe, but can see perfectly in your mind? The only way to get it out there is to draw it and present it to the public. Even though you may not have the talent or skill to draw a car like Chip Foose can, you don’t need to worry.

While you’re at home and feeling bored, why not hone your skills? Even if your eyes are the only ones to see it, drawing is therapeutic and will occupy you for a long time. You can always learn how to use Photoshop or another type of photo editing software. Some of the modern programs offer the right tools to help you learn fast.

These are the top 20 ways car fans can remain sane during times of quarantine, but you can also use them during snowstorms, vacations and your time off too. These are activities any car fan will enjoy. You may be able to spread your love of automobiles to others at the same time.

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