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30 Six-Cylinder-Powered Cars That Can’t Be Forgotten

Vukasin Herbez August 17, 2020

Photo Credit: Gielda Klasykow

2. Venturi 400 GT

Venturi is a small French car company that was active in the ’90s. Using components from other car companies and producing its own bodies and chassis, Venturi produced several beautiful, fast cars and left its mark in the history of obscure supercars with its magnificent 400 GT model from the mid-’90s.

Photo Credit: Carligious

Visually similar to Ferrari F40, the Venturi 400 GT also used a twin-turbocharged engine. But in Venturi’s case, it was a 3.0-liter Peugeot V6 pumped up to produce 400 hp in street trim. In racing trim, it was capable of over 600 hp.

Photo Credit: Cnet

1. DeLorean DMC 12

Started by John Z. De Lorean in the late ’70s, De Lorean was briefly marketed as the next big thing in the sports car world. For a short time, it looked that America got a sports car brand that could rival Europe’s finest. De Lorean presented an interesting concept of a sports car with Gullwing doors, modern wedge-shaped design, a mid-mounted V6 engine, and stainless steel body.

Photo Credit: Super Cars

However, production was late, and when the car was finally revealed it turned out to be slow, underpowered, and riddled with quality problems. Due to its prominent appearance in the Back to the Future movies and numerous music videos, the DMC 12 is still a popular car and one of the automotive symbols of the ’80s.

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