1. Chevrolet Impala SS 409

The legendary Super Sport or SS package has its place in muscle car history as an important model that promoted performance vehicles to the general public. This was one of the first high-performance automobiles that were relatively affordable yet fast. However, everything changed when Chevrolet decided to transform the 409 truck engine to use in passenger cars.

They found out that the unit was powerful and could outrun all the other cars on the road. Just by making some mild modifications to the engine, it could produce up to 409 HP. And that was enough to propel the Impala from a standstill to 60 mph in six seconds flat. At the time, those numbers were Corvette territory.

So, as a mid-year introduction, Chevrolet presented the SS package featuring bucket seats, a sports trim and other details. But best of all, it came with the 348 V8 engine that produced 350 HP. However, the most interesting option was the 409 V8 that delivered up to 409 HP, if you optioned for dual quad intake system.

Interestingly, the 409 option was available for all Chevrolet full-size models in 1961, so it was possible to install this engine in plain-looking sedans and wagons, but those cars have yet to surface. Today, as expected, the 1961 Impala SS 409 is one of the most valuable cars in Chevrolet’s muscle car history.