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37 Failed Cars From World-Renowned Brands

Vukasin Herbez December 18, 2018

Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

2. GMC Envoy XUV

The GMC Envoy is a fairly popular model, and all through the years, it sold well even on some export markets. However, the XUV version, introduced in 2004, was a different case. At GM, somebody thought it would be a great idea to combine the SUV with the pickup truck and presented the XUV with its removable roof panel and opening tailgate.

Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

The XUV was more practical, obviously, but it was more expensive, heavier, and buyers simply didn’t get the idea. It was discontinued just after a year in production.

Photo Credit: Motor 1

1. Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The Evoque Convertible is a pretty unique car in today’s market because it is the only convertible SUV currently on sale. It is the answer to the question nobody asked, but it looks like fun, and if you want an SUV but you crave an open-top car, then this is the one. For a $42,000 base price, you will get a 240 hp turbocharged engine, luxury features, and a special vehicle.

Photo Credit: Auto Blog

But the real question is should you do buy this since Evoque Convertible is nothing more than a full-size Barbie car which is no good as an SUV and no good as a roadster. Entirely pointless, and it’s no wonder it is sales flop.

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