1. Ford Mustang 390 GT

Mustang got its first redesign in 1967 when Ford introduced a slightly bigger and more luxurious model. The design was even better and more elegant, and the options list was longer than ever. The performance lovers finally got a big block option in the form of the 390 FE V8 engine, that produced 325 HP. However, if you are thinking this was a crazy-fast Mustang that burned rubber in any gear, you are mistaken.

This was a fast and powerful car indeed, but it was more of a Grand Tourer than a muscle car. The reason was the engine that Ford took from their Thunderbird. So, it was more suited for effortless cruising than for drag racing. With bigger dimensions than the 1967-68 Mustang and better equipment, this was the perfect engine for making a compact luxury coupe.

However, the 390 GT Mustang was immortalized by the legendary Steve McQueen when it appeared as a co-star of the famous detective flick, Bullitt in 1968. The Highland Green 390 Fastback made history with one of the best car chases ever on film, which propelled the 390 engine into legendary status.

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