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The 10 Craziest Car Stories Ever Told

Vukasin Herbez March 6, 2017

Think you’ve got a better car story?

Unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, most readers will relate to this article. We were all young once upon a time, and as such probably owned a shed on wheels. Whether it was your first car, or a later project, we’ve all kept some sort of crazy rides.

Today we’ll be looking at the craziest car stories ever told. Obviously, these tales are told for two reasons; one, because they are funny as f*ck, and two, to help current or future drivers to avoid the same pitfalls.

Mainly because they are quite funny and/or scary, though. Enjoy!

Ranger Wreck

This one comes from Reddit user ‘Iam_MittRomney‘ and is quite a scary tale.

We took off, the rear end started to slip; I tried to recover but over corrected as the truck began to spin more, the rear wheel finally caught grip at the edge of the road.

This edge was no normal edge and lead to a 20 foot steep slope and the truck began to topple. Unable to do anything I held my little sister in place as the radio screamed “she want meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!” The rolls were in slow motion as I see the fear on her face still to this day.

Once the truck finally stopped rolling. It was upside down in the snow and gas was leaking all over. My wrist was broke and hanging by its skin. Using my other arm I took a screwdriver and shattered the window. I went to the other side and cut my sisters seat belt off and pulled her out (her glass shattered during the roll). We were safe. Her with only minor cuts and I just with a broke. Arm and gash on my forehead.

As we started walking up the embankment back to the icy road, the truck caught fire, it burned for a minute before igniting the tank and exploding (not like a movie, fairly small just shooting shrapnel everywhere). A piece of ceramic from the starter launched and lodged itself in my stomach. We were only a quarter mile from our house and We walked in and sat down.

My dad took 45 minutes to get there from when we called him (or so I’m told). I woke up in the hospital the next day.

I almost died.

Gravel Grave

From the archives of Recombu.com comes a seriously bizarre and dangerous tale. Here it is, followed by the video evidence: Reports say the unnamed truck driver had attracted police attention because an officer suspected the dangerously overloaded truck was about to be driven.

Rather than accept his fate, however, the lorry driver thought it would be a good idea to smack the locks keeping the latch closed on his truck, allowing the gravel to pour out everywhere and bury the officer up to his waist.

The driver managed to flee the scene because the second officer, who filmed the event on his smartphone, rushed to rescue his buried co-worker, but was later arrested. The footage was later posted on YouTube.

The Bad Luck Truck

The stars aligned in the worst way possible for reader High Road from Jalopnik. His truck “caught fire and started a 1500-acre wildfire.” The truck backfired going into low gear and ignited because of a leak in the gas tank.

Jetta Rage

Reddit user D_Bat tells a story of a guy with serious road rage:

I am idling in 2nd gear slowly rolling down the left hand lane with a little bit of space in front of me so I can just idle the whole time and not stop, go, stop, go, because manuals suck to drive in traffic.

Mr guy behind me didn’t like that I had left some space in front of me. He pulled into the median, of the construction zone, and tried to pass me and clipped my car in the process. We pulled off after going across both lanes and pulled onto my off ramp that I had to take. Before I can even turn off my car and get my seat belt undone the guy marches up to my car and puts his fulls arms, head, and part of his shoulders into my drivers side window.

His face is right in mine while he’s yelling that he could beat me up and there’s nothing that I could do to stop him and that I should have moved for him. Jetta was still on, gear was in first, clutch was pushed in. I got out of there and slammed the diesel pedal. He latched onto my face with one hand and I had five finger nail marks on my face.

My head was pulled to the door because he had a hold of it but I was still able to see out of my right eye.

I hit redline in first which is about 25 or so in the TDI and drove him into two big orange construction barrels. Told ya it was a construction zone. I then hit the brakes because there was a stopped dump truck in front of my and he flew off me/the car. The car stalled and I frantically tried to start it and thankfully it started right up.

Reversed since if I went forwards I would have ran him over. When in reverse I saw all the people in the stop and go traffic watching and one was making a call. After I went down the ramp I called the cops. They asked if I was the guy who got away or the guy walking back to his car. He spent the night in jail. 🙂

Hobo Wreck

From Jalopnik, this scary story did have a silver lining, but it was very, very small:

“Back on Labor day weekend I had a homeless man very literally run out into traffic in front of me. I was going through a stop light intersection in a marked 35 zone. He ran out from in front of a car that was turning left from the same direction of traffic as me.

I hit him with my drivers quarter panel at a full skid at about a 45 degree angle.

Have you ever had a person come through your windshield, so hard their head comes within inches of your face? Terrifying. Getting out and seeing a man with 2 compound fractured legs and bleeding from multiple orifices on his head? Scariest experience of my life, involving a car or not. Only silver lining of it all, I was 100% cleared by security footage on a near by business. Didn’t even get a ticket.”

Ferarri Crash

This story comes in the form of a simple video. The lesson learned is equally as basic-don’t drive a Ferrari if you don’t know how. Watch this tool wreck one million quids worth of car:

Pipe Smoking Scuba Driver

This crazy old fella crashed his car into a lake, but when emergency services arrived to rescue him, they found he was still smoking his pipe!

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesperson commented: “The man who is in his eighties had gone to the farm to fish in its lake. After his car ended up in the water, he smoked his pipe and chatted to the farmer who went into the lake in his waders. Firefighters carried him from his car back onto land.”

Spyder Man

Want to impress your friends and look cool on social media? Why not break out the brand-new Porsche 918 Spyder, flip the devil sign and peel off?

Surely nothing could go wrong…

Car Psycho

Arguably the scariest one on the list, from Jalopnik:

“One night, I’m out getting gas, and after I leave I pull up to a red light behind a beater car and we are both turning right onto a two-lane highway. We both make the right, his car doesn’t go very fast so I head for the left lane. He blocks me. I head for the right lane. He immediately kills his signal and cuts me off again. This continues for a little while before I get annoyed, gun it and go to pass him.

Again, while in the process of passing, this guy takes a dive at my car which slows me down. He’s yelling at me out his window, “YOU AREN’T PASSING ME MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” and laughing manically. We get caught at another light and he starts chucking stuff at my car, I check the traffic and gun it through the red, I’m sufficiently creeped out now.

His car seems to be faster than I initially thought and he is keeping up with me through traffic. In desperation I start turning off side-streets, and he is following me. We get to another light and I ask what his problem is and he screams, literally, screams “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE TONIGHT.” Holy fuck.

Time To Escape…

So I chuck an old coffee into his car, turn off my lights and take the fuck off as fast as I can go. At this point stop lights aren’t a concern anymore, I WANT to be pulled over. I’m ripping through little towns at 100MPH (in 25 and 30 zones) and starting to lose him, finally duck into another side street, somehow find a driveway that goes next to a garage, pull up next to the garage, lights off (car on), and wait…1 minute….3 minutes. 10 minutes.

I finally get home about 45 minutes later, white as a ghost, call the police (didn’t have my cell at the time) and report him in. I never found out what happened, I never saw him again. Literally thought I was going to be murdered…for nothing.”

Deer Car

I was at a buddie’s house hanging out with a few well-known friends for the day. His dad had just bought a few weeks before a C6 Gransport with all the bells and whistles. It was top of the line with extremely low miles, it was beautiful. Being the car lover I was I was absolutely inclined to go shotgun in a joyride with his dad to see what this beast had to offer. So he was more than glad to put it through its paces for a little spin.

We pull out onto one of the service roads nearby about thirty seconds after pulling out of their driveway and he slams the throttle and I have my head be put firmly into the headrest. I was thrilled/terrified never being in something this powerful.

So we do this twice more on a couple other service roads with him doing launch control bursts which were FUCKING AWESOME. The amount of torque from the tires were having the back-end give out a tiny bit and I felt like I would at least die with a smile on my face. Low and behold two minutes after the shakedowns I was about to find out.

So we pull back onto the highway and then take a right leading back into town, all seemed fine as he popped the gear into either third or fourth and was giving about 3/4 to 5/6 throttle when the one thing I least expected to see (even though I lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago) less than five hundred feet in front of us appeared: an unsuspecting deer in the middle of the road.

Crash in 3..2..1…

I my eyes locked contact with it and had an absolute freeze of all motor functions as I was trying to warn my buddy’s dad of imminent danger since he was looking off in another direction as he as applying throttle.

So the worst of all worst occurred as I only let out a “A-” when his dad had his eyes swing back to the road and let out an “OH SHIT,” as the deer was about ten feet away when we were going around 50mph. A loud “WPHAM” happened and a blur of brown and red LUCKILY flew straight over our heads and behind us. We immediately slowed down and pulled over with his dad using every curse word in the book. It took us a good ten seconds to process what just occurred.

To this day I’ll remember the best line I ever heard anyone say after hitting a deer in a potentially life-threatening situation of where we could have had our torsos be taken clean off: “So do we call the house or 911 first?” We both immediately busted out in laughter in the face of death and a possibly wrecked car since we didn’t get out yet. One of the most memorable experiences that I’ll probably never forget.

Damage? Nah

As for the car, I had thought we for sure were going to witness absolute horror to the front fascia…the only thing that had happened from a two-hundred plus bound doe hitting the car at 50mph WAS A POPPED RIGHT HEADLIGHT, NOT EVEN BROKEN, THE BOTTOM FRONT FENDER POPPED, NOT EVEN BROKEN OR BENT, AND THE RIGHT INSIDE WHEEL WELL POPPED WITH ONLY RUBBING THE TIRE MILDLY WITH A TUFT OF FUR AND A SMALL SCRATCH AND DING ON THE HOOD AND WINDSHIELD.

I was beyond astounded ANY car could hold up that good to a collision of any kind, even though the level of the car being so low probably contributed most to it. The level of craftsmanship of that corvette or any other now has my utmost respect for safety.

As for the doe, it got fucked over. We both had to backtrack a quarter mile to find the deer off to the side of the road, in a marsh more than fifteen feet of where it had been in our lane, with its legs doubled over and blood pouring out of its nose and mouth, just to see it give one last twitch of life before it was dead.

All in all, it took me a few weeks before I realized just how damn close my buddie’s dad and I was to being a possibly road statistic with no upper body if the deer had decided to come straight through the windshield. Made me realize my mortality pretty damn well, along with laughing at death right in its face.

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