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They Did What?! Adults Reenact Hilarious Childhood Photos

MJ Staff - JA May 8, 2023

Have you ever stumbled upon old childhood photos and laughed at the silly things you used to do? Well, these shameless adults have taken that to the next level by recreating their childhood photos years later, and the results are absolutely hilarious. From matching outfits and poses, to capturing every detail of the original photo, these adults have done their childhood memories justice. There are some that will make you laugh, and some that you can only shake your head at in disbelief. Just prepare yourself as we explore some of the best examples of adults reenacting their funny childhood photos, and how these recreations have brought joy and laughter to everyone involved.

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Repeat Performance

These two brothers have decided to have a little fun by reenacting a professional photo that was taken of them when they were young boys. In the original photo, the one brother is sitting in a tiny wooden chair while his older sibling kneels behind him, wearing matching blue overalls, and beaming with bright smiles. In the modern version, the brothers, who are now grown men, have recreated the exact same pose and expressions, only this time, they have full grown beards, with the same blue overalls. It is clear that these two brothers remain close and I wouldn’t be surprised if they recreated this photo again, twenty years down the line.

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

The Three Amigos

Three male adults have taken a trip down memory lane by reenacting a childhood photo of themselves standing together on a staircase. The original photo, which was taken when they were just young boys, shows them standing on the steps with silly expressions on their faces. The recreated photo is a hilarious and almost identical match, with the same order and poses as the original. The attention to detail, from the matching outfits to the expressions on their faces, makes the recreation even more entertaining. It’s clear that these three friends had a great time recreating this photo and reliving the memories of their childhood.

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Magical Expressions!

Here we have yet another touching father-son moment from the past, reenacted in a heartwarming photo. The original photo captured a surprised expression on the faces of the father and his young son, who he was holding in his arms. In the recreated photo, the father and son, who is now grown up, are seen in the same pose as they were in the original photo, with the same expressions of surprise and joy on their faces. It’s a beautiful reminder of the love and connection shared between generations.

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Like Father Like Son

There is nothing quite like a heartwarming childhood photo of a father proudly walking with his young son in their front yard. The only thing that beats this is a recreation of said photo, and that’s exactly what we have here. The recreated photo is a touching tribute to that moment, with the father and son holding hands once again and walking in the same spot where the original photo was taken. And even though their outfits are different, the surroundings are the same, and it’s clear that the two share a special connection. This before and after show just how close these two are!

Image source: Imgur kdhijk

Wedding Day!

On the day of his daughter’s wedding, a father, his daughter, and his three sons decided to recreate a cherished childhood photo to commemorate the special occasion. The original photo captured the family in the bed of a truck, with the father proudly standing to one side. The love and joy shared among the family members is evident in both photos, and the recreation serves as a beautiful reminder of the bond they share. This recreation not only honors their childhood memories, but also highlights the special moments shared as a family, including the significant milestone of the daughter’s wedding day.

Image source: Imgur kdhijk

Someone’s Excited

This recreation serves as a beautiful reminder of the innocence and wonder of childhood and the joy of reliving those moments as an adult. This guy reenacted an enthusiastic childhood photo with the same outfit and striking the same pose as when he was a small boy. The original photo captured the young man with an incredibly happy expression, accentuated with his wide eyes. In the modern photo, the man, who is now grown up, is seen in the same pose, wearing the same outfit, and with the same energetic expression of happiness and wonder on his face. This pic will be a conversation piece amongst family and friends for years to come!

Image source: pinterest-kearneylib

Wearing It!

This energetic woman recreated a childhood photo of herself eating spaghetti, but, in reality, she was really wearing more of the spaghetti than eating it. She had on the same style purple sweatshirt as in the original photo, with the only difference being the addition of some cool, black glasses. She is memorable for her big eyes and a huge smile, indicating that she still had a playful and joyful spirit. Such a photo highlights the power of revisiting old memories and the comfort and happiness it can bring.

Image source: imgur kdhijk

Timeless Couple

This may be one of the cooler photos on this list as it really presents a lifetime of memories. Here, we have a couple who, from the looks of it, have been married for many years, recreating a photo from a time long ago. With the exception of some window tint and different wheels, the 50’s Chevy they are standing in front of looks unblemished. This photo reminds us of a time when people married young and lived their entire lives together. Maybe the most beautiful part is that they look to be as connected now as when they were in the very beginning.

Image source: imgur-rainman574

A Bit Cringy

Okay, I get the whole concept here. These two brothers and a sister decided to recreate an innocent and fun family photo from their youth, but the adult version is a bit cringe. In the first photo, we have the brother sitting in the back with his feet over the front of the seat where both his brother and sister hold them and everyone smiles. But the adult version with the brother and sister holding their siblings feet is, I don’t know how to put this so I’ll just come out and say it. it is a bit cringy. No I know that this was done all in good fun, and it really looks like these siblings had a great time reenacting it, but I just cannot get past this guys feet in my face.

Image source: imgur-rainman

Balancing Act

In this scene, the air is filled with nostalgia as the mother and her two grown sons reenact a photo from their childhood. With a smile on her face, the mom lay on her back, balancing one son in the air with her strong legs while holding the other son close to her chest. As they giggled and laughed, memories flooded back, and the moment became a symbol of the unbreakable closeness they share. It was a beautiful reminder of the love that endures through time and distance, and a testament to the power of family.

Image source: pinterest-bsells76

The Tantrum

As the husband, wife, and their three young children gathered for a family picture, chaos ensued. Just as they were about to take the photo, the middle child began to cry uncontrollably and without explanation, while his sister, who was sitting on her father’s lap, tried to reach down console him. He was clearly was not feeling the the idea of the whole thing. And the youngest baby, sitting on his mother’s lap, was probably thinking to himself, “Is this what I’m going to have to deal with for the next 18 years”?

Image source: imgur captainkevin

Puppy Love

As this man lay down on the kitchen floor with his small, white, fluffy dog, he couldn’t help but feel a bit ridiculous. Recreating a childhood photo is one thing, but doing it with a dog as his co-star was another level of absurdity. But in the end, he managed to gather himself enough to conjure up a wry smile. The dog, however, seemed to be enjoying himself the whole time with a funny expression as he stared into the camera. In his little mind, he didn’t care what they were doing, as long as he had another excuse to sit in his master’s arms!

Image source: imgur-amirza

Tight Fit…

The grown woman in her twenties decided to recreate a childhood photo of her sitting inside a laundry basket. As she squeezed her adult-sized frame into the basket, she realized that things had changed since she was a kid. For one thing, her legs didn’t fit as easily as they used to, and she couldn’t quite get comfortable. Her mom looked on, trying to stifle her laughter, as the woman struggled to hold her pose. Finally, they got the shot, but the woman was left with a newfound appreciation for the joys of being a kid, when laundry baskets were the perfect size and life was a little bit simpler.

Image source: imgur-3kdhijk

The Sand Trap

This teenage brother and sister decided to recreate a childhood photo of them buried up to their necks in sand at the beach. As they dug themselves into the sand, they realized that they had forgotten just how uncomfortable it was to be buried alive. The sand was itchy and scratchy, and they couldn’t move their arms or legs. They tried to smile for the camera, but it was hard to feel happy when they were suffocating under the weight of the sand. Finally, they got the shot, but as they dug themselves out, they couldn’t help but wonder why they had ever thought this was a good idea in the first place.

Image source: reddit-olias32


This man decided to recreate a childhood photo of him falling asleep while leaning on the side of his bed with his legs still on the floor, almost like he was standing while asleep. As he leaned against the bed, he realized that things had changed since he was a kid. For one thing, he was a lot taller and much bigger overall. He tried to position his legs just right, but he is clearly uncomfortable. And in an effort to make things as accurate as possible, he wore the same, “tighty whitey” underwear, making this one of the more awkward recreations on this, or any other list.

Image source: pinterest-pinkgo

Presentation Day

The two adult brothers decided to recreate a childhood photo of them standing in a classroom with a lot of handmade holiday cards hanging on the wall behind them. This must have been some type of presentation day at school, because the one brother is wearing a fancy jacket. Whatever the occasion, it’s clear from the photo that one was happy and the other, not so much. To speculate, the grumpy brother probably had to make a presentation and was stressed, and of course his brother took advantage by making fun of him! That’s gotta be rough!

Image source: imgur-kdhijk-5

Puppy Love

This may be one of the cooler ones on the list, because, unlike other recreation photos where the person is holding a puppy as a child, and the reenacting the pic with a puppy as an adult, this is clearly the same dog in both photos. As you can see, the man is roughly a teenager in the first pic holding his new puppy dog, and in the second pic, the man is now a young adult as he holds the now fully grown dog. He also took time to get back in the exact spot and even to wear the very same sweatshirt!

Image source: imgur-kdhijk


At first glance, one might mistake these two as being identical twins, but in reality, they are either fraternal twins or simply not twins at all, but just brothers who like to dress alike. Whatever the case, they decided to recreate a photo of themselves eating pizza at a pizza parlor, dressed in matching denim blue and green shirts. It appears that, as they sat down at the table as adults, they couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous in their matching outfits. They ordered their pizza and tried to strike the same pose they did as kids, but it wasn’t easy. Maybe they lost a bet with their parents and were forced to recreate the shot? Who knows?

Image source: imgur-westnini

Someone Grew Up!

This is one of those precious scenes that will always make you laugh when you grab up the photo album. These two brothers decided to recreate a photo from their childhood where the older brother, who appeared to be about eight years old, was holding his infant sibling. The look on the eight year old’s face is pure magic as he proudly holds this new gift. As they posed for the photo as adults, they couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous it looked. The infant brother was now bigger than the older brother, who was struggling to hold him up!

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Simply Fabulous!

This grown woman thought is a good idea to revisit her childhood with this reenactment, and she was right! It is clear that, from a very young age, she felt like a model, and was in no way lacking in confidence with her pose on the floor, complete with flashy sun glasses and a hand on her hip. She if fearless in her young photo, and it appears that she had carried that fearlessness into adulthood. What is extra cool about this photo, besides her of course, is that, from the looks of it, she was able to set up in the exact spot, and her house appears to be exactly the same, brining a sense of authenticity to her efforts.

Image source: taringa.net

Rebel Without A Cause

As a young girl, she has the expression of one beset with a sense of curiosity, energy, and excitement, and as an adult, with the exception of a variety of new piercings and tattoos, not much has changed. Clearly this is a woman who loves to live life with a sense of daring adventure. She is not afraid to push the boundaries of what might be considered acceptable by some, and she shows that she is confident enough to pull it off, regardless of any naysayers. She is a strong and powerful woman and one to be reckoned with!

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Tight Fit

The adult man thought it would be funny to recreate a photo from his childhood where he was sitting in a mixing bowl on top of the kitchen countertop. It looks like he dug out an old mixing bowl from the back of his mother’s cupboard and climbed up onto the counter. Clearly, the bowl was a lot smaller than it appeared when he first sat in it as a small child, and he could barely fit. This whole stunt could have gone horribly wrong with him spilling onto the floor, but, in the end, he was able to pull it off leading to a cool recreation.

Image source: imgur-thefractalsweare

Filling Daddy’s Shoes

Now this is a very touching recreation. This girl must have only been two or three years old when her father thought it a good idea to have her try on his work boots, and the end result is hilarious! Fast forward maybe twenty years later when the now adult woman decides to recreate the photo, and shockingly enough, the boots almost fit! Her father must have laughed uncontrollably at the sight, but he may have also done so with a bit of a heavy heart knowing that his once little girl is now all grown up, and has become very much her own woman.

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

Hard to Believe

In first looking at this photo, the father does not appear as if he has aged at all whatsoever. And it almost seems unlikely that that infant baby is now this fully grown man, beard and all, but that is the case. They even recreated things perfectly, down to the light blue pillow, and the very edge of the woven basket peeking into the side of the photo. The tell-tale signs include the fathers slightly receding hairline, and a face that appears to be a bit more “weathered” than in the original shot. In the end, this may be the best recreation on this list!

Image source: imgur-kdhijk

The thing that jumps out for me, besides the big guy grabbing his privates like he has to go pee, is that, when these brothers were all kids in the fist photo, it was the one in the blue shirt that was the tallest, followed by the striped shirt kid in the middle, and the red shirt kid on the end. But when they grew up, everything was reversed, with the blue shirt brother becoming the runt in the litter, while red shirt guy becomes the giant of the family. You just never know how these things are going to turn out in the end.

Image source: ScootaBoy93

The Ole French Fry Up the Nose Trick

You can just see from these photos that the two brothers on the right are just natural clowns, while the one on the left isn’t really having any of it. He is just trying to sit in peace and quiet as his two obnoxious siblings are doing everything they can to embarrass him. It’s probably no surprise that his hairline looks like it is in the early stages of receding from all the stress of dealing with his immature siblings. And as for them, they look like they could care less about what anyone thinks. They are going to have as much fun as they like no matter how many stares they receive.

Image source: bonebowl

Going That Extra Mile

Now this family did it right! Not only were they able to find the exact location to reenact their earlier photo, but, with the exception of the color of the father’s suit, they all seem to be right on point. Of course, the funniest part of this recreation is the once small toddler trying to do what he could to bring authenticity to the whole thing by hanging on his father’s hip as an adult. What is even more impressive is that his father, now much older, is able to actually support with one arm, his now fully grown son long enough to snap the photo. This is clearly a family that loves each other and are willing to go that extra mile to prove it!

Image source: pinterest-debbies0324

Is That You Britney?

Now I’m not for certain that this is actually the pop star, Britney Spears, but she sure does hold quite the resemblance. And the reenactment is pretty spot on as well. From the color and shape of the dress, to the hair style, the broom handle in the back ground, and even the baby doll, this was a pretty solid effort. She even managed to reproduce an expression of what might be a sense of bewilderment combined with a look that says, “why am I standing here like this”? Overall, it is a fun reproduction that the parents can use to embarrass her in front of her friends for years to come.

Image source: pinterest-debbies0324

I Got You Sis!

As I view this photo, I can imagine their mother or father telling the big brother, “go hug your little sister.” He gladly obliged, creating a funny and lovable moment. And as adults, it looks like they haven’t missed a step with their fun and infectious energy. From these pics, these two appear to be a pretty tight knit brother and sister who will not miss a moment to have a good time in front of the camera. And their recreation probably put a huge smile on the face of their parents!

Image source: imgur-totallytrustworthyinternetperson

Clown Act

This brother and sister looked like they had great times as kids, and their sense of humor has carried over into adulthood. They both appear comfortable in their own skin and are not afraid to bring out their inner clown at any moment. Their parents must have had fun trying to get them to focus on their homework as they were running around the house and bouncing off the walls with laughter! And it really looks like they had a blast in recreating their craziness as kids!

Image source: pinterest-jjmlis

The Natural Jokester

This is another one of those professional photo recreations that is pretty cool. The three brothers appear to really be a happy bunch as kids, and that has clearly remained true as adults. You have to love the expression of the guy on the right; his adult self has captured his younger self with sheer perfection. And of course his expression as a child shows that he is happy with a funny disposition that comes to him naturally, something that he has apparently taken into adulthood. These brothers look like they had just as much fun recreating this photo as they did when they originally sat for it so many years before.

Image source: Robert Black

The Ultimate Throwback

This is the one example on our list that not only goes back from adulthood to childhood, it goes back from middle age to adulthood to childhood. These three sisters and their only brother started this journey way back in the 1950’s, and have kept it going now for over a half-century. The greatest part of this is that, after over 50 years, they appear to be just as close and just happy as ever. Considering how difficult it is for some siblings to get along at all, this is an incredible feat and one they should be proud of!

Image source: pinterest-kearneylib

It’s Christmas Once Again!

These three brothers and their sister decided to recreate a photo they took sitting with Santa Claus as children, 14 years earlier. As they posed for the photo, they couldn’t help but laugh at how different they all looked, with the exception of the sister who appeared to be very much the same as she had years before. The three boys, now in their teens or later, had all grown substantially, and they all managed to recreate their expressions almost to a tee! In looking at them, they seem like a great group of siblings having a moment of fun recreating a wonderful childhood memory.

Image source: pinterest-pinkgo

Good to the last lick

The brother and his two sisters decided to recreate a photo from their childhood where they were all standing together, licking ice cream cones with silly looks on their faces. They tried to mimic the silly faces they made as kids, but it just wasn’t the same. While the sister and brother to the right and left did a pretty good job in getting the best recreation, the sister in the middle just couldn’t pull it off nearly as well. Overall, for creativity, they deserve a 10, but for recreation, they’d probably get an 8. It was a pretty good effort overall.

Image source: imgur-rainman574

Mud Fight!

These four brothers decided to recreate a photo of themselves from their childhood, covered in mud at the park. The scene itself was pretty funny. In the first photo, you can see that the young brothers have purposely smeared mud all over themselves, and it looks like they made a pretty good effort to recreate things exactly as they were in the second pic, all the way down to how the mud covered their bodies, and how they wore those giant smiles on their faces. They must have had a blast doing this as kids, and it is clear that they enjoyed the reenactment as adults!

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