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Last Of The Breed: Top 32 Muscle Cars Of The 1970s

Vukasin Herbez May 9, 2019

1. Pontiac Can Am

Back in the late ’70s, the American performance car segment was just a pale shadow of its former glory. But, in 1977, Pontiac introduced the Can-Am, the one-year-only model that was the last true muscle car with big block power. In fact, it had as much power it could produce packed in a unique body style and white color.

Under the hood scoop from the Firebird Trans Am, there was a big 455 engine with 200 HP. And that was more than any other muscle car on the market at the moment. The Can-Am package consisted of special rear window louvers, a rear spoiler and a long list of special optional extras.

They introduced the car early in 1977 and the market responded well. In fact, Pontiac received between 5,000 and 10,000 reservations. But in the end, they only sold 1,377 Can Ams.

These are last of the breed and 32 of the best muscle cars from the early ’70s. Did you pick your ultimate favorite? Some of them are still available, so you should get out there and start looking before they disappear forever.

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