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Real Drivers Who Were Pulled Over For Completely Idiotic Reasons

Cameron Eittreim June 30, 2022

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14: Remember To Use Your Blinkers

Honestly how many of us use our blinkers when we are driving? Not very often unless it calls for it. But that is why this Reddit user got pulled over, and he had a pretty astonishing reason (via Reddit).

He simply told the police officer that he was lazy, the cop looked stunned and went to his cruiser. The officer came back and told the person not to ever tell a cop that you were being lazy. He got out of the ticket.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13: Confusing Traffic Stop

Getting pulled over in another country is never a fun experience. The Reddit user in this post got pulled over in Canada, and the officer who pulled him over spoke French (via Reddit).

He didn’t speak English and let the officer know, the officer came back to the car and said “drive safe” in English. That was it and the person never knew why he was pulled over.

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12: Radar Malfunction

Some people use radar detection as a way to avoid being pulled over by the police. But sometimes, these radar devices malfunction and you will get pulled over anyway (via Reddit).

This driver had his radar device malfunction, and he was pulled over for doing 40 MPH in a 30. The ticket didn’t cost anything, so that was good.

Photo Credit: Reddit

11: Urgent Restroom Needs

Sometimes you just gotta go to the restroom and you have to speed to get to it. The driver in this Reddit post had that problem when he was on the way home (via Reddit).

The officer pulled him over and asked what the rush was, and he let him know. The result was still a speeding ticket but it was not as bad as it could have been.

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10: The Embarrassed Mustang

Two guys pull up to a light, one in an LS1 Camaro and the other in a 6Cyl Mustang with straight pipes. The driver in the Mustang tries to take things up a notch but embarrassed himself (via Reddit).

The cop pulled him over right after doing a burnout, the response was just laughter. He told him not to do that again, meanwhile, the Camaro got away.

Photo Credit: Reddit

9: Dark Window Tint

Drivers tend to forget that extremely dark window tint is illegal but we still push the envelope quite often. That was the case when this driver was pulled over right in front of the insurance company (via Reddit).

The police officer told him to get it fixed meanwhile all of the employees inside the insurance place were laughing. It wasn’t a good afternoon for this guy and his car.

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8: Breaking Bike Laws

Contrary to popular belief, you can be pulled over for riding a bicycle as well. It happens more often than you’d think, especially on college campuses (via Reddit).

This Reddit user was pulled over on his bike for blowing through a stop sign. He ended up getting a ticket, even though no one used the intersection very often.

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7: Fast Subaru

This driver was having a great time blasting through the mountains in his Subaru. He pulled to the front of the line, only to realize that it was a Sheriff’s deputy at the front of the line (via Reddit).

He got a hefty ticket as the Sheriff wasn’t too happy that he was speeding like that. You never want to voluntarily rush to the front of the line or it may not be pretty.

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6: Mistaken Identity

It is never a problem to look younger than you are, which happened to this driver when he was pulled over. He looked 12 but was 16 with his first license (via Reddit).

The cop pulled him over for joyriding only to realize that everything checked out. He was let go without a ticket and the two had a good laugh after the stop.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5: Speeding Next To A Trooper

Sometimes you get caught red-handed in the act and that is what happened to this driver. He sped up to pass up a car until he realized it was a state trooper (via Reddit).

The driver got pulled over and clocked at 88 MPH, he took his ticket in stride. The trooper wasn’t thrilled with what had happened, but he let the driver go after that.

Photo Credit: Reddit

4: Out Of Date Tags

One of the most common things that you’ll get pulled over for is expired tags, but this driver took things a bit further. He sped off in front of the police officer and got pulled over immediately (via Reddit).

The driver had the new tags ready he just hadn’t installed them yet. The officer said to do it when he gets home and sent him on his way. This was not a bad experience.

Photo Credit: Reddit

3: A Chevy Celebrity With Power?

You probably will never equate a Chevy celebrity to something that has performance, but that is what happened when this driver got pulled over in his (via Reddit).

The police officer said he pulled out of the parking lot going pretty fast. You’d probably never equate a Celebrity with a car that could go fast but he got a ticket nonetheless.

Photo Credit: Reddit

2: Going Too Slow

You can get pulled over for going too slow as that’s exactly what happened to this driver. He was pulled over for going too fast and then too slow at the same time. The car of choice was a Peugeot 505, which is not the most exciting car on the road (via Reddit).

The officer gave him a ticket for driving over the speed limit although he was trying to show off how slow the car was to his friend. The lesson of the story is not to show off to passengers.

Photo Credit: Reddit

1: Rookie Error

One of the worst things a driver can do is forget to turn your lights on when you are driving. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this driver. He got a coffee and filled up his tank only to take off down the road (via Reddit).

You can get pulled over for not turning on your headlights when it is raining or there are questionable weather conditions outside. The ticket he got was not his proudest moment, to say the least.

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