20 Classic Cars That Will Make Any Road Trip a Memorable Experience

By Vukasin Herbez
20 Classic Cars That Will Make Any Road Trip a Memorable Experience

Even though we live in digital times where most of our hobbies and pastimes include electronic devices, driving is still one of the best analog ways to rewind on the open road. For any car enthusiast, there is no better way of spending the weekend than going for a long road trip while listening to music and counting the miles.

The perfect road trip car makes you happy, doesn’t break down and provides you with the pleasure of driving. Sometimes, the perfect road trip car isn’t fast or comfortable, but it is interesting and makes the trip memorable. So here is a list of the perfect road trip vehicles. Some cars are classic, and some are modern, some are two-seaters, and some are family station wagons, but all of them are cool rides.

These cars come equipped with the “it” factor, making them the choice for cross country adventures. This is an eclectic mix of cars capable of providing tons of smiles per gallon. They can keep passengers happy and amused for thousands of miles. So, pack your stuff and get ready for a fun ride.

  1. Volvo 850 R

Is there anything more boring in the automotive world than a boxy, old, Volvo station wagon? The typical suburban mom car from the ’90s had loads of space for the kids and their stuff. It was slow but dependable and drop-dead boring to drive. Although that’s true for the regular Volvo 850 Wagon, the 1996 R version is something completely different.

After Volvo’s success with the T5 version in the 850 series featuring a turbocharged engine, they decided to introduce an all-out sleeper machine – the 850 R. Under the hood was a 2.3-liter five-cylinder engine with a bigger turbo and updated intake system and electronics. With a 250-HP output, the 850 R Wagon could go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds with the top speed of almost 160 mph.

This was sports car territory for the mid-90s. There must have been many confused Porsche owners when those boring-looking Volvo wagons passed them on the highway. After the 850 R, many manufacturers like Audi started offering powerful, fast wagons. However, Volvo was the first with the 850 R.

Today, those performance numbers still demand respect. Better yet, the 850 R is quite affordable on the used car market. Also, you can find various power upgrades for this model, so consider buying this ultimate wagon. It has lots of space, as well as unassuming looks and performance. Yet it demands respect, making the 850 R the perfect car for a road trip.

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