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Five Most Annoying Types Of Drivers You Find On The Road

Vukasin HerbezMarch 19, 2017

These are the types pf drivers you want to avoid…

Driving is one of those things that can either be really fun, or very annoying. Most of the time, that depends on what’s going on with other road users. Providing you are in a good state of mind, a lot of these issues can be ignored.

Some days, though, it just gets a bit too much to handle. Actions of certain types of drivers can be particularly annoying, especially when you just aren’t in the mood for silly business. Still these kinds of drivers are far more common than you’d imagine.

Here’s the five most annoying kinds of drivers you find on the road today.

Drivers Who Can’t Reverse

Although many would argue this is a gender-reliant trait, truthfully it’s not. Regardless of what they are packing between the thighs, some people simply find it impossible to reverse in any situation.

Somehow managing to blag their way through the driving test, these forward-only plonkers tend to do a lot of damage. Here’s a video of two drivers who refuse to reverse because, well, they can’t, holding up traffic for 25 minutes.

Once the Mercedes decides to back up, it’s clear why he didn’t want to. Skip to 3:11.

Really Old Drivers

OK, we are all going to get there one day, and this isn’t just about people over 65. We are talking about people so old that they really shouldn’t be driving. We’ve all seen them, we don’t want to get upset with them, but holy cow is it annoying.

With dwindling depth perception, lessening sight and hearing, these grey drivers are seriously hazardous to your health. Although it’s not exactly their fault, it doesn’t change the fact the cause a lot of accidents on the roads.

Road Rage Drivers

OK, so this one doesn’t need much explanation. We all get a little flustered and frustrated sometimes, but the typical road-rager simply takes it too far.

Dangerous, annoying, erratic and most of the time they are wrong.

Tailgate Drivers

These annoying sods are usually pretty irate, and just don’t like the fact there’s other drivers on the road. The worst thing about them, if you concede to let them past, they’ll just start the same with the driver in front of you.

Other common names for tailgate drivers are : Audi idiots, or torque monkeys.

Here’s some tailgate karma.

Distracted Driver

Texting, eating, doing make-up, yelling at the kids, all are too much of a distraction. Unfortunately for us sensible (ish) road users, this often leads to terrible accidents.

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