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Dodge Charger History: The Bad Boy of the Muscle Car Scene

Vukasin Herbez November 7, 2018

      1. Dodge Charger from “Fast Five”

In the fifth installment of the popular movie series, Fast and Furious, the Dodge Charger was once again the star of a film. But this time, it was not the classic 1970 Charger but the current version. Dodge specially prepared it for the crazy stunts they featured in the movie, Fast Five.

This dynamic movie was filled with excitement and driving scenes. It features numerous black Chargers, which they equipped with bull bars, heavy-duty suspensions, tuned engines and off-road tires. In fact, the mind-blowing action scenes became the standard of the genre, making the Charger an even more popular car.

      1. Dodge Charger GT AWD

A proper muscle car should be V8 powered and rear wheel drive, right? However, the new Dodge Charger GT AWD breaks that mold as a 300 HP sedan with intelligent, all-wheel drive and sublime driving dynamics.

Since the AWD system requires more space underneath the engine and cabin, the Dodge engineers could only install a V6 engine, which is still good for 300 HP. But the handling characteristics and usability puts this muscle sedan on another level. Not only does the Charger AWD lack any domestic competitors, but it is also more than capable of beating many imports, as well.

This is a list of Dodge Charger history. It was and still is the bad boy of the muscle car scene. Which one was your favorite? Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one at a reasonable price and in top-notch condition.

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