1. AMC Javelin/AMX

In 1968, AMC decided to enter the muscle market by introducing two new performance models. One was the Javelin and the other was the AMX. The AMC Javelin was a handsome pony car with a modern design, updated engine choices, and a vivid performance. As all other pony cars on the market, the Javelin started with straight six, going all the way up to a 390 V8 with a considerable grunt.

Despite being similar in technology and design, the AMX was a two-seater model. In fact, it was the only two-seater on the U.S. market other than the Corvette. It came with a shorter wheelbase and a 390 V8 engine delivering 360 HP. Also, it had lots of go-fast options and a reasonable price.

So, the AMC AMX was an interesting and capable muscle car. But for the 1970 model year, the Javelin and AMX received fresh redesigns and slight improvements. Interestingly, one special model was the AMX SS, which they aimed at the drag racing scene.