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Autos That Mixed Sports Cars & Station Wagons

Vukasin Herbez May 7, 2019

  1. Callaway Aerowagon

Rives Callaway established Callaway Cars in 1977, long after the muscle car craze wound down. In fact, those high horsepower performance machines were just a thing of past. He specialized in producing turbocharger kits for installation in European cars. Callaway’s knowledge and expertise at the start of the turbo era perfectly lined up, so the company took off.

During the ’80s, Callaway became known for their series of super-fast and obscenely powerful Corvettes. Today, almost 30 years later, Callaway is back with the Aerowagon conversion model. Based on the new C7 Corvette and available on all trim levels, including the Grand Sport and Z06, the Aerowagon is conversion kit you can get directly from Callaway or from an authorized dealer.

The kit includes special rear hatch assembly that transforms the C7 Corvette into a fully functional shooting brake without affecting its design or aerodynamics. There were several shooting brake/wagon conversions others based on the Corvette before. However, the Callaway is the most advanced, with the best design and testing, making it more practical and cooler.

These are the top shooting brakes. They are a cool mix between sports cars and station wagons that combine practicality with performance. Did you find your favorite?

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