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Interesting Cars That Are Outlawed In The United States

Vukasin HerbezJune 12, 2019

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3. Renault Avantime

Enjoying the success of the Espace minivan gave the Renault chance to explore the concept and try something new and exciting in a typical French way. Renault saw that Espace minivan buyers are inclining towards more powerful and luxurious versions over base line models, so the managers thought they should offer kind of a luxury minivan to the most discriminating buyers. But, filling the car with equipment wasn’t enough and the vehicle needed to have a distinctive feature to be recognizable and popular. So, they thought of a unique minivan coupe named Avantime and introduced it in 2001. The Avantime was an answer to a question nobody asked, and it was received with mixed reviews.

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It was definitely an engineering success with a massive hard top roof and problematic structural stiffness, which Renault engineers managed to keep under control. Avantime was also pretty expensive and came with only the most powerful engines and a high standard equipment level. Although Avantime was a chic and interesting car, it failed to attract customers, and Renault discontinued the model after only two years and a little over 8000 examples produced.

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2. Honda N-Box Slash

If you are limited by government-proposed dimensions, engine size limits, and various other safety regulations, you must find new ways of designing the car. Honda’s N-Box Slash brings interesting design to Kei Car class with unique looks and significant effort to squeeze every last millimeter of usable space from this vehicle.

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You could option it with red leather seats and even a totally modular interior, which could be turned into a lounge.

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1. Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

The Alto was sold outside of Japan as a compact car, but it is still a Kei Car with one very interesting version in Japan. The Alto Turbo RS is a hot hatch with five doors, three cylinders, aggressive looks, and an all-wheel-drive option.

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Unfortunately, it comes with 63 HP, a 660 ccm turbo engine, which not many owners keep stock. The legal limit for modern Kei Cars is 63 HP. Still, most manufacturers decide to offer tunable engines that are easily modified to close or over 100 HP so owners can enjoy some real performance. This is the case with Alto Turbo RS. These are the 19 cool and interesting cars that are illegal to drive in the United States. Which one did you like the best? Perhaps someday, it will be available here in the states. Otherwise, it is nothing but a pipe dream for you.

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