Photo Credit: Motor Biscuit

29. Ram TRX

Although the car industry is inevitably going in the direction of electric energy and other renewable energy sources, it’s good to know that the people from Dodge are still neck deep into good-old gasoline. How else we can explain the newest and greatest addition to the extreme truck class, the 2021 Ram TRX. If you don’t know what the TRX is, let us put it this way. It’s a cross between the Ram Rebel and Dodge Challenger Hellcat. In other words, an all-terrain beast with a supercharged Hemi under the hood and a bad attitude.

Photo Credit: Road and Track

With a starting price of $69,000, it is not cheap. Yet it is an extremely capable, fast, and durable vehicle whose sole aim is to beat Ford’s Raptor in every aspect. That’s why it has a 702 hp engine under the hood, a specially tuned chassis, suspension, and gearbox. This Ram is designed to be the new king of the hill when it comes to extreme off-road trucks you can get from a local dealer.

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