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30 Greatest Racing Liveries of All Time

Vukasin HerbezDecember 19, 2018

  1. Tic Tac BMW

The partnership between the manufacturer of mints and a BMW racing team may sound strange, but it produced one of the coolest paint jobs ever on one of the most successful touring cars they ever made. In the early ’90s, Tic Tac sponsored the BMW M3 E30, which dominated the race tracks in Europe. They painted the car in green with dozens and dozens of white patches to symbolize Tic Tac mints.

  1. M&M`s

They used a similar idea on the legendary M&M’s NASCAR cars. The candy manufacturer put their famous product on the car, so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to who was sponsoring the NASCAR stocker. The idea worked and people loved to see their high-speed candy running on those superspeedways.

  1. Javelin Trans Am

Although most people have forgotten it today, the AMC Javelin had an impressive racing career in the early ’70s Trans AM championship. However, people still remember the simple yet patriotic red, white and blue paint combination, which was basically a factory logo they put on the car. The livery was basic, but it looked cool and promoted the car in the right way.

These are the 30 greatest racing liveries of all time. While some are gone, many still remain to this day. So, the next time you watch a race, look for these classics flying around the track.

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