1. SAAB 900 Turbo

SAAB presented their 900 models in the late ’70s. This was when they were at the height of their success as an upscale manufacturer of high quality, high tech cars. The 900 Turbo emerged at a time when turbocharging was new. So, only a few models had it as a regular production item.

In fact, in the late ’70s, the 900 Turbo was briefly the only non-sports model that had a turbocharged engine. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder with forced induction produced 143 HP at first, and later 185 HP. They initially offered the 900 Turbo as a coupe and then as a convertible. In the ’80s, SAAB cars were popular among upper-middle-class buyers, intellectuals and artists.

It was a stylish yet usable, affordable car with advanced technology and a unique design. Back in the day, the SAAB 900 was different from any other offering in that price class. The convertible was especially popular in yuppie circles and with young executives in the ’80s. Fast forward 30 years and SAAB as a factory is no longer around.