30 Discontinued Cars We Would Kill To See Again

By vukasin

The car industry is a cruel place. Models come and go and manufacturers tend to kill nameplates without any hesitation. It doesn’t matter if the car is legendary, in production for decades or it has a loyal army of fans. If it doesn’t sell well, it is gone. Simple as that. The cruel marketing policy killed numerous nice cars so far and this is our list of 30 vehicles we would kill to see back on the market.

1. AMC Eagle

The Eagle had compact dimensions, relatively low weights, and extremely good off-road characteristics. The Eagle was one of the first crossover models in the world. Only today can car fans see how important and influential this car was. As expected, the Eagle was a relatively popular car, especially in areas with harsh climates and long winters.
And AMC produced a coupe, wagon, compact and convertible version of the Eagle. They all came with AWD systems as standard. Unfortunately, AMC was losing money elsewhere. They went out of business in 1987, which meant death for the Eagle, as well. Today, the AMC Eagle is quite rare, but in some areas, you can still find them.

The Chrysler Corporation is the owner of the AMC name, so hopefully, some executive will decide to reintroduce the Eagle to the world. AMC could use the same sedan body with the Jeep all-wheel-drive system to achieve better success than the original model. Today, 30 years after they discontinued the Eagle, people can see how influential it was.The crossover class the Eagle kickstarted way back when is one of the most popular segments of the global market. The creators of the original AMC Eagle should be proud.