2. Fake Performance Chips

Ever since car engines included computer units to monitor and control their proper functioning, performance chips have become some of the most popular modifications. However, there is a big difference between the products on the market and their applications. First, you have to know where the performance chip goes and where it will make a notable difference.

Turbocharged engines will benefit from this modification the most since the performance chip changes the settings in the main engine ECU. This helps it deliver more fuel and boost, which will result in more power. Naturally aspirated engines will not get anything from a performance chip. It is likely you will have problems with the warranty and the engine check light will stay on constantly.

There’s an enormous number of aftermarket companies that sell fake performance chips. They claim you will get more power and better mileage from them. But in most cases, you will only have more problems when messing with a highly advanced ECU unit. If you want to tune your engine the right way, use a bolt-on kit for a naturally aspirated engine. You can also get a proper custom built chip from a renowned company if you have a turbocharged engine.

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